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On a daily basis we receive feedback from those whose lives are changed by our ministry and resources. Here are a few testimonials that have been real encouragement to the staff members of American Vision. You can also send us your feedback if you'd like, and thank you for your interest in our organization!

I am fairly new to your web site AV, and it is fast becoming my "go to" site when I do log on to the internet. It is helping to shape and fortify my new interests in theology, politics and American culture from the conservative worldview. I was apolitical all my life and I am only 5 years old in God's kingdom and have a hunger to learn, so you are a great blessing towards that end.
Tom Z.

The articles on your website are absolutely great. As a Sunday school teacher for adults I have been able to use a lot of the information from your site to pass on to my class, not to mention the learning I have been blessed with from your site. I think you have one of the finest websites on how to be a better Christian and your writers are fantastic.
Dennis C.

A friend of mine just came back from your conference and said it was the best one yet! She is sharing everything she learned with me as I could not attend this year. You are doing a marvelous job. Keep up the great work! Do not ever be discouraged. Persevere with all your strength. The work you are doing is essential. I just made a donation toward your conference expenses. I wish it could have been more. God bless you and your ministry.
Susan B.

Thank You for what you do; may God Bless Your Ministry and keep you; May He allow you to know just how many hearts you touch, encourage and edify, that you may be encouraged unto continuing your good work.
Mel E.

I absolutely love American Vision and what you guys do for Christ's Kingdom. The Lord has used AV make an enormous difference in understanding of Scripture, and it affects my life on a daily basis. May our Almighty Lord Jehovah bless richly American Vision, its ministry, volunteers, and employees with strong faith, abundant grace, willing forgiveness, and strong and loving obedience to God's Holy Word. In the name of our Prophet, Priest, and King, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns forevermore. Amen!
Jerritte C.

I have read your book Last Days Madness and I just want to sincerely thank you for caring about this subject enough to put yourself out there as a spokesperson for the truth.  I admire what you are trying to accomplish and I want to encourage you that you accomplished it in me.  You opened my mind to reading the scriptures in context always, and to interpreting the scriptures through guidance of the Holy Spirit.  I can't read the Bible now without seeing it in a whole new beautiful and useful way.  Thank you for being someone who saw the need, heard the call, and followed no matter the cost.Having said all of that I really pray that you would consider putting yourself out there even further and step into becoming a news commentator on TV.  With the rise of such false prophets as Harold Camping there needs to be someone to counter them in a loving way in the media's full view.  I envision you on Fox News as a trusted contributer on politics and theology.  I would love to see you on TV the day after May 21st helping to redirect believers to the truth of the "end times" prophecies.  The church needs you because you can open their eyes to the true peace that scripture reveals just as you have opened my eyes.  You have a gift, that is undeniable.  Be encouraged and know that your ministry is so very very much appreciated and necessary.  Thank you Mr. DeMar!
Jessica H.

Thank you so much for the good, Godly, and Biblical material that ya'll provide. It has been a help and blessing to me in a myriad of ways.

Jeffrey S.

I continue to enjoy all of the information available at AV, and thank you all for the terrific job you are doing.

You are obviously making a concerted effort to improve and it is appreciated!

I just want to encourage you guys to keep up the good work. Fighting for His kingdom to His glory

🙂 Soli Deo Gloria

The improvements that AV has made has been great. I think they are on the cutting edge of offering the customer the BEST resources for the lowest price. Thanks for all your hard work.

I really enjoy the depth and ease of use with AV's website and store. I appreciate their eagerness for advertisement, and believe it to be very necessary when helping to get "the word" out to as many people as possible. Another feature that I really like is having not only the book purchased, but also have the book in a searchable pdf format. I would like to see more "bundle" offers with books/articles/downloads that relate to each other ie. Books about Early American History bundled together, books about a certain doctrine bundled together, books about a political philosophy bundled together etc... I really enjoy AV and pray that the people doing the hard work, Liz Elysse, Jerry and Chad, would be able to see the many fruits of their labor. Thank you for this ministry.

I continue to enjoy all of the information available at AV, and thank you all for the terrific job you are doing.

Gary DeMar and Brandon Vallorani are two of my favorite people in the whole world. I really appreciate the good work that American Vision is doing to wake up America and lead the way back toward restoring our Christian Biblical foundation. Anyone who says that America was not founded on Christian Biblical principles, simply does not know American history. Your books make that very clear. Thanks for all your excellent work to teach the truth about America's Christian Biblical heritage. May God bless AV and all those who honor God and His Holy Word.

American Vision provides a wonderful service - the turnaround is amazing (hopefully planes will continue to fly). Freight is costly to Australia, but I am so pleased to be able to get the excellent books and dvds that I will cheerfully pay the cost. This ministry is a real blessing to me personally and to my extended church family who are having their eyes opened and their faith stretched and nourished. The book store is brilliant and I don't think I can suggest any way for you to improve it. The articles on your website get sent to politicians and journalists I know, and I have received some very positive feedback. May God continue to bless your ministry, and through it begin a mighty awakening in your country and mine.


Thrilled about your materials. Thank you for making them available at such a great price!

Keep doing great work! I love your mission and your site!

Dear American Vision,

I would sincerely like to thank you for your special gift you sent last November (the audio version of "A Christmas Carol"). It was very timely and touched my heart that you would give this generous gift to us when I realize there are so many challenges in our nation. May your kindness be repaid to you. My prayer for you: Dear Lord, I ask that you bless this ministry with all the help they need. Bless them with peace from their enemies, abundant resources, workers with servant hearts full of the Holy Spirit, not lacking in any gift. Give them the fullness of Your Holy Spirit, the fullness of all the promises of Your Word, and the grace needed to finish the race set before them. May they prosper in all Your ways.

Your sister in the Lord, Sarah Nicholson. Do not be discouraged - the battle is the Lord's!

American Vision:

Thank you for offering e-books on your website. You are far ahead of many others who have similar types of book. I know I will be checking your e-book selection VERY frequently. I already like what you have--now it is in a format that is even more usable. Thanks again.

Mike T.

Kingwood, Texas

Thank you for providing these excellent resources. I use them in teaching both church members and as a history teacher in training our future national leaders at the United States Air Force Academy.

Lt Col Paul


I am enjoying the books very much. As a graduate of a very prestigious conservative Christian institution, Harding University, Searcy, Arkansas (B.A. Bible), it is such a pleasure to read books that follow the scriptures. I have a web site for which I write Bible lessons, issues related to the Constitution, and political commentary. You will receive more orders from me as the time goes by. Thanks again for your good work.

May God Bless you each day.

- Donald C.

I have been very satisfied with the products and service I've received from American Vision. I have now purchased 3 books from AV and all 3 have been exactly as promoted. They have added immensely to my growing library and will be very helpful in my future studies and also in instructing my now 2 1/2 year-old grandson in the greatness of our country.

- Jim B. OH

It was only after we were FINALLY humbled to learn through reading and letting scripture interpret scripture, that we saw the seriousness of the errors of our testimony as taught by the modern church, and all who would say that prophecy is only future, unfulfilled, and dual in nature.

I love your ministry. It is honestly the best ministry out there hands down.

- G.P.

I love your articles and the products that you offer, especially because of the footnotes and facts you and others use to give power to your statements.

- Jeff

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your daily articles I receive via email. I also greatly appreciate the excellent books I have been able to purchase off your website. It is very inspiring to me, to know that there are many more people out there like me, who want to see our nation bow the knee to Christ as King. American Vision has been a big part in inspiring me to think and write the way I do. Thank you so much!

- Joseph

Thank you so much for publishing Christian Life and Character. I have enjoyed it so much. It should be required reading in EVERY school in America. If God, prayer and Christian morals were good enough for our founders I believe they are good enough for today.

- Jim

You guys do a great job. I like the American Vision Review. I thank the Lord for you.

- CircuitRider

This email article format is a great improvement! Congratulations and thanks!

- Joe D.

Thank you for the kind words, it has been an honor to serve you. I have ordered some books from American Vision in the past and deeply appreciate your ministry to the Body. Thank you for choosing Monk as your partner in spreading the gospel and the truth of God's Word!

- Jon

Thanks. I love your books,videos, and material. I love your mission. Continue to send out earthquakes into foundations of the secular world view.

- Anonymous

I appreciate all that American Vision is trying to do to make us all true, good, kind, and patriotic Americans. Thank you for all your efforts.

- Anonymous

I would like to thank each of you at American Vision for the wonderful work that you are doing. While growing up I was exposed to the pessimistic and dispensational teachings that are still harming our churches today. Over the last few years, the Lord has used many godly people and writings to open my eyes to the optimism found within His Word. I feel as though I have been liberated from a bondage of unbiblical pessimism. So, I say "thank you" for your ministry.

- Eric

I must say I have never seen anybody present material on the web as good as you and your organization. In my opinion, I think your web site is in the top 1%. I can’t think of anyone who does web pages better. Without question, you are the best in the conservative community. God bless you for the work and time you put in.

- D. New

Hi, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for this daily article. It is helping my thinking on many issues and having a profound influence on me. Thank you for your ministry and may God richly bless you.

- Pastor Becker

Let me begin by saying, from the bottom of my heart, a very sincere "Thank You." I grew up in a Baptist church where I was taught eschatology from a Premillennial Dispensational perspective. I now, through much study time, prayer and God's grace have become convinced that the Scriptures teach a Postmillennial view of the return of Christ and that much of biblical prophecy has already been fulfilled. Thank you for your commitment to the sufficiency of the Scriptures in your works. They have been very beneficial to me in my study.

- Robert

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