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As I was taking my daily stroll down the corridors of FaceBook to see whom might need my help in correcting their flat tire theology, I stumbled across a very encouraging post on Facebook:

“Postmillenialism...that Christianity will continue growing throughout the world until it becomes the majority influence among men & nations, eventually leading the world to a long era of evangelical faith, personal righteousness, social peace, political stability, & economic prosperity. With this grand outlook on history, Postmillenialism shows it strongly believes that the Gospel is 'the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes' (Rom 1:16). For this reason, postmillenialists are firmly committed to the Great Commission... (Matt. 28:19-20)."

When you have a charismatic background, like I do, a post like this will make you blurt out amen! Even if you are in  a room by yourself. Is there anything more encouraging than hearing about the the victory of Jesus Christ  in the world? Forget your eschatology for a minute, we all want the same thing. We all want the glory of Christ to cover the land like the water covers the see. Right?

After I was able to settle my charismatic presbyterian self down for a moment, and set the target of my mouse for the share button, I noticed one lonely comment below this post.  Oh great! Finally, I have found my flat tire. Before I even read the comment I had already, mentally drawn out my four-part argument for the victory of the gospel advancing through the world, but the comment caught me off guard.

“ I am loosely a Postmillenialst, but sometimes I just feel so downtrodden with everything going on around me, it's hard to see the postmillenial view being true....”

This wasn’t a comment that I could read and not have it affect me. Even in my Post-mill circles I hear—men that I respect—say things like “With the way things are going now it would be nice to run off to an Island.” or “If I wasn’t Post-Mill I would think this thing (speaking of the current social structure) is nearly unfixable.” Really? Et tu, Brute?

Is it hard to see the truth of Biblical doctrine in the face of the world? Do things look pretty bad? Just that question alone causes our mind to race with numerous accounts of how bad the world is right now. Murder, hate, out of control violence, lovers of self, God haters, theft, sex trafficking. I can fill this whole article with evidence of how bad things are right now.

After some consideration I started feeling like I was the one with the flat tire. No, it was worse than that. It felt like I was a lego that an elephant had just sat on. Game over.

I slowly closed my browser window, and shutdown my computer. I wanted to get as far away as I could from anything electronic, I was damaged by the weight of the world.

As I began to start sinking deep in despair as the “loosely post-mill” guy did, it reminded me of Peter sinking into the sea as he took his eyes off of Christ. Just that quickly I perked up. Wow, that is exactly what I just did! I looked at everything else except Christ, the one who spoke the world into existence.

The cross was the worst tragedy ever, in the history of mankind. The very thing that humanism wants to accomplish today, the Jews—with the help of the Romans—accomplished.  They killed Jesus. They killed the king. They killed the very agent that was the hope of the world for freedom from oppression, both physical and spiritual. They killed the king the only hope of the world, and not even a king can win agains’t death. Kings don’t move death, just like lego's don't move elephants. So much for the promise, so much for liberation, so much for a new world. It’s over folks, wrap it up and go home, the King is dead.

You’ve already finished this story haven’t you?

Anything I write at this point is going to be a repeat of what you just just thought.

BUT, three days later....




He is alive and now seated at the right hand of the Father, ruling and reigning every part of the universe with all authority given unto him! It’s easy to get down trodden when we forget the cross. We end up with the same down-todden emotions as the world when we do not have our vision firmly fixed on Christ.

When we see the cross, we see how God has dealt with sin and how God has dealt with death. Praise God, Christ has defeated our two worst enemies. The message of the cross is that the two worst enemies that have plagued mankind have been defeated.

Christ has defeated sin and death! (AMEN)!

Christ is master over death like a potter is master over clay! (AMEN)!

We no longer despair when confronted with the wickedness that we see in the world because Christ is Lord over wickedness! (YOUR TURN!)

We should remember that while we have an abundance of corruption and rebellion in the world that would lead us to despair, we serve a God the works with corruption and rebellion. The surest form of evidence is in the mirror.

So be encouraged Christian, we have a world full of ingredients for the Master Chef. The cross is all the encouragement we need to focus on to be hopeful in our work to see the nations repent and the whole world come to know Christ! Christ has finished it. He has reconciled the world unto God and has left us the ministry of reconciliation. So we go and command all men— everywhere—to repent and be reconciled.

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