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Hollywood, CA - Watching 6- and 7-year-old children walk out of the press screening for the new Harry Potter movie (as well as the many reviewers and others with witchcraft symbols on their clothes and S&M dresses) is always an opportunity to reflect on the malignant corruption of our culture. Aside from the fact that these children are exposed to ugly creatures, fantastic violence and worthless incantations, this movie has some dialogue which sounds like it comes out of Stuart Smalley’s Daily Affirmations on “Saturday Night Live”. Namely, when Professor Dumbledore sits Harry down and tells him, “You are not a bad person. Every person has light and darkness. You have a choice.”

Imagine saying this to Michael Cho after he has had his killing spree at Virginia Tech this spring. Or, Adolf Hitler.

Contrary to Dumbledore’s idiotic aphorisms, there are bad people.

The Wall Street Journal blamed the narcissism of our age on poor Mister Rogers, who was one of the leading proponents of no one is bad. I like Mister Rogers, and I think they may be taking him out of context. But, all this psychological mumbo jumbo about “you are really a good person” has caused a whole generation to be spoiled beyond comprehension.

For those who don’t care about the occult worldview in the “Harry Potter” books and movies, which reinforces this rampant selfish solipsism, they should care about this insane condoning and tolerating of malignant narcissistic behavior. For instance, one woman several years ago told me that she always took her children to see “Harry Potter”. After her little boy talked back to her, kicked at her, and annoyed her, I said that I could see he’s learned his scripts of behavior from dear old Harry.

Witchcraft means rebellion against God’s authority in the Bible. These books and movies teach rebellion against authority. When they add to this rebellious attitude the stupid aphorism that “you’re really a good person,” then one must seriously ask, What are these narcissistic children supposed to think? Those children who are susceptible to this mindless pc drivel may think their rebellion is part of their goodness and that they’re right to break the rules because breaking the rules is fun. In that way, they become part of the growing crowd of rebellious young people who are incapable of constructing and perpetuating a viable civilization.

Only one out of 10 children keep the values of their parents. Those parents, who were shaped by the selfish rebelliousness of the 1960s who take their children to see “Harry Potter” movies, must want their children to perpetuate their rebellious ways. But, what about the naïve people of faith who take their children to learn their scripts of behavior from Harry? Are they just good people who are unwittingly indulging in psychological child abuse?

Contrary to the message of the “Harry Potter” books and movies, without God you cannot choose the good. But, there is a Name above all names who will conquer evil and banish the darkness and set you on the path of righteousness. And, that name is Jesus Christ, who is the Word of God made Flesh, the only begotten Son of God who is at the Father’s side and who enlightens all men with God’s Truth (John 1:1-18).

© baehr, 2007

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