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The August 16, 2008, Obama-McCain “Forum on the Presidency” at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church unexpectedly released two major political genies. First, the responses to Warren’s questions about a “Christian” worldview and the two candidates’ views on marriage and abortion led to shocks which, overnight, made Obama significantly less attractive while McCain gained ground. And, whether deserved or not, the nation’s reaction seemed to grant McCain more of a “Christian” mantle than he might have anticipated. The traditional-values voting bloc which, until that evening, looked as if it would be staying home this November suddenly became revitalized.

The second consequence came with the release of the first of what’s likely to be a host of outbursts by disingenuous “theocracy threat” sentinels from left-leaning media and allied groups. This cabal of usual suspects is forever feigning concern about an underground, ever-lurking “Kristian Klan.” Their endless promoting of this myth makes it all but certain they’ll soon be re-alerting the gullible in both secular and religious camps that a President McCain is likely to be the new, intolerant “Attila, the values czar.” Especially if he’s endorsed by James Dobson; a development that looks increasingly possible.   

By and large, these sham Paul Reveres with their shrill, “the theocrats are coming,” are less-than-honest agitators whose purpose quite frankly appears to be establishment of nationwide socialism. The menace that these theocracy-threat impostors say they must protect us from is exactly what they privately, would impose (socialist tyranny) on all citizens with Christians first in line to be minimized. Using strawman tactics, they pretend (particularly at election time) that the hated Religious Right is ever poised to “Take over the country and enforce a Church-run theocratic dictatorship; a modern Inquisition. This radical, Falwell-Dobson-Kennedy-inspired Christian Taliban,” they declare, “would scrap First Amendment protections and persecute enlightened humanists and atheists…those tireless visionaries ever striving to achieve a ‘secular, pluralistic, diverse, multicultural, mega-tolerant, globalist country just as our founders intended from the beginning,’ etc.” You get the picture.

Here’s why the strident church-run government story is actually a breathtaking lie. One-world socialism is the real goal, and if it’s to succeed the cabal knows that God must be severely scorned, weakened if not outright killed off. Using non-stop media blasts and public school programming of youth, the plan is to relegate potentially activist Christians damaged by humanism to the culture-engagement sidelines. Young Christians during this conditioning process are also set up to accept “theocracy” scare tactics as they relate to the sacred secular concepts of mindless tolerance, love and acceptance. In an age of “tolerance above all,” to admit that your values are biblical is not cool. Thus, any who would dare to stand up for pure biblical values are automatically placed into the false “theocrat” category, and compromised youth are fast learning not to go there. 

A second fact dramatizing the cynical falsity of fake “theocracy” warnings is that there is no Army of the Religious Right ready to march to crush the humanistic heirs of Plato, Descartes, Locke, Robespierre, Paine, Emerson, Marx, Darwin, Dewey, et al. In every respect the United States Church is as close to being dead in the water as Screwtape and Satan could have ever wished. (Not that a truly Christian Church has ever been or ever would be desirous of forcing “church rule” on anyone.)  No, the chief wish of today’s church leaders and congregants is to be left alone, quietly blending in while enjoying their careers and material acquisitions and waiting for Jesus to return to take care of the bad guys. “Sure, the government must stick up for Israel,” but beyond that, politics for most is a dirty business. It’s “of the world and the devil” making it a snare that Christians are better off avoiding. In truth, with each passing year of Christian political and general do-nothingism in an imploding culture, the socialist impulse grows ever stronger “without anyone even knowing how it happened,” just as Norman Thomas predicted. 

So, how did all this furor get started anyway, and what exactly is a theocracy? A full answer extends to next time, but for now please consider such words as democracy (Greek: demos=the people + kratos=rule), plutocracy (rule by the rich), autocracy (by a despot) or bureaucracy (by bureaucrats). “Theocracy,” coined by Josephus, then simply means rule by God, not by priests or ministers. That’s why the kind of imaginary government that sham “freedom preservers” pretend to fear would technically have to be called an “ecclesiocracy” or rule by a group of “called-out” men (from the Greek) from within a church, mosque, or synagogue. But since the Trinitarian God is the true target of the socialism-obsessed, they’ve shrewdly created a bogus accusation (theocracy) against Christian men which is impossible just by straight definition. But, humanly speaking, once the true God is mocked and sneered out of existence as is hoped, then installing socialism becomes infinitely easier. Socialism is theocratic, given the modern definition, since it makes the State to be God.

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