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A Jury of Your Grandchildren - Part 3

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Your four Christian grandfathers have seen so much bad behavior that even the following lengthy list of problems and causative agencies may only scratch the surface:

Abortion, Abuse, the ACLU, Addictions, Adultery, Aids, Alcohol, Anti-Christian Judicial Activism, Bad Manners, Biblical Illiteracy, Blasphemy, Body Piercing, Cohabitation, Columbine and all other school shootings, Contempt for Authority, Corruption in: Business, Government, Media, and Politics…, Crime, Depression, a Divorce rate of 50%, Double Standards on Tolerance: i.e., tolerance of all life styles and beliefs except for Christianity’s…, Drugs, Female Tattooing, Gambling, Embryo-Destroying Stem Cell Research, Hollywood Degeneracy, Irresponsible Parents, Jesus as “fire and life insurance” but not as Lord, A kind of National Nihilism; Left-Leaning Media and College Faculties, Materialism, Militancy and Extent of the Gay Movement, Moral Relativism, Obesity, Out-of-wedlock births, Political Correctness, Pornography, Preoccupation with Sex, Preoccupation with Sports, Preoccupation with Carbohydrates, Promiscuity, Public Education: Socialism/Marxism, Evolution, “Group Think,” “Dumbing Down,”…, Rudeness, Road Rage, Serial Killers/Rapists, Shabby TV fare, Single Parent Households, STD’s, Teen Pregnancy, Teen Suicide, “There is no truth,” Unhealthy degrees of Self-Sufficiency and Selfishness, Violence, Youth Dress and Hostility to Authority, and more. [Militant Islamic Terrorism – a huge problem and no less important -- is, however, a separate subject.]  

You agree with your grandfathers’ findings while awaiting, with no small degree of dread, their obvious next question which is, “What happened? What caused all this? Were we invaded and occupied by some evil enemy force?” [Yes, we were!] “Or, did we elders leave things in such bad shape for you young people that this madness was inevitable?”

Whether your explanations about the causes are satisfactory or not, the most important thing your granddads want to know is the kind of remedies that are underway right now in regard to the disease symptoms listed above. After all, the key reason for their having made this miraculous return trip into your century was their Christ-honoring regard for the future life and happiness of your grandkids and all grandkids still to come. But they are speechless with your response about cures when they hear you reply, “No. Nothing is being done.” [Clearly, the present downward national trends associated with the above list of problems speak for themselves.] 

“But, surely tens of thousands of churches across the land have launched robust restoration campaigns!” they insist. “No. Nothing is being done by the churches either,” you reply. “In fact, especially not by the churches. The brutal truth is that churches are too preoccupied with their classical ‘ABCDEF’ preoccupations of Attendance and church growth, Building physical plant, Cash flow, Dispensational pessimism, Eschatological naiveté and error, and, last and often most detrimental to restoration, Fear, i.e., a studied refusal to rock any boats, to take any kind of risk or unpopular position that might, in any way, endanger the church’s financial position or the popularity of the pastor.”... (Continued October 29, 2004)


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