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Why Rev. Falwell & AV Will Reach Accord

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Shortly after the election, Rev. Jonathan Falwell, senior pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va. proclaimed his hopes and concerns about the future. He asked that all of us pray diligently for the new administration, but wisely stated that “Conservative Christians are concerned that President-elect Obama’s worldview [runs counter to] our own on some key issues, specifically in terms of our pro-life, pro-traditional family principles.” He added that “the election of Barack Obama…should serve as a wakeup call to conservatives everywhere, especially people of faith.” And although Falwell wants a divided nation to find ways to “come together,” he hopes “that a new generation of conservative leaders (even a new Ronald Reagan) will arise in the coming months,” and that “while we must…beseech God to bless and lead our new President, as the Bible compels us to do, we must be simultaneously involved in bringing about a 1980-like conservatism revolution.”

With that, he spoke words that resonate. Surely, we need new leaders. My only question is, did any of the post-Carter years under Republican leadership bring any political, economic, or social benefits of any measurable value? As an answer, some of you, in all humility, may have even lifted up modified imprecatory prayers in this election against foolish Republicans; those who obstinately blew chance after chance after 1980. If you did, it seems as though your prayers were heard. But where are the better replacements, and not just for the (mostly) unholy 435 + 100 + 9 in the three D.C. branches? Our spiritual crisis is such that the need for new leaders runs into the millions in dozens of societal sectors. But per my article last week, the odds are very poor that we’ll discover a dedicated “conservative generation” from within a public-schooled youth populace (of 40 or 50 million) who are being tirelessly programmed to despise the biblical values we stand for. The odds are the same against a conservative revolution taking place in the “coming months.” There’s too little raw material, especially given the time we need to mine it.

This lack of troops also ought to be a wakeup call for the Heritage Foundation. They say that “despite the election results, we remain essentially a center-right nation with a conservative outlook on core issues.” And although Rev. Falwell knows “conservatism is not popular in the mainstream,” he agrees that “most Americans are conservative or moderately conservative.” But can we be sure? His rationale stems from votes in Florida, California, and Arizona that “protected” traditional marriage. I admire his optimism, but that millions still believe in traditional marriage mainly verifies the basic awareness that same-sex marriage en masse over time, and carried to its logical extreme, means no births and eventually no nation, a common sense fact as readily grasped as the law of gravity. But once beyond the exclusivity of man-woman-marriage-only…other questions are more complex and so are the schools’ chances to promote anti-biblical “answers.” So it’s no surprise when fleeced sheep in the classroom obediently accept the secular, green pseudoscience, mind-robbing, socialistic, redistributionist ideas they’re getting.

OK, so the education deck seems stacked against us. Even so, Rev. Falwell agrees that there is “work to do now” to “cultivate true conservative leaders … [who will] stand up against any mainstream assault.” Space limits prevented his giving details on how and where he would do the cultivating. But that exclusion gives us an opportunity to reach accord with him and to remind him of a plan that he, plus pastors like him nation-wide, and we in the laity, can easily put into practice. I’m certain Rev. Falwell wants the same kind of leadership in all sectors of society that the majority of other pastors want. Let’s just agree on the right strategy. We already know that the source for these potential leaders is the 2-way street of home education (”2-way” = the kids plus their spiritually growing parents.) Once Rev. Falwell begins making home training a key to his Thomas Road ministry, he’ll get his leaders. As for the “single mother” question: Every church has the physical plant, the retirees, the volunteers and the brains to work out plans for these working-mother victims of a nation deeply immersed in an anti-family crisis.

It’s obvious that November’s electoral tsunami underscored the reality that the public-schooled socialist chickens of the last 40 and more years have come home to roost. Mislead teachers like kindly “Mrs. Smith” (with direct but veiled guidance by the NEA) have succeeded in turning Baby Boomers and their children into secularized little rebels acting in defiance of centuries of hard biblical and historical truths. Our response? It’s said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again (throwing tons of money at the fictional deception of “for the children”) and expecting different results. It’s time to stop. Or as Pogo probably said, “some broke stuff just can’t be fixed. Toss it out.”And toss it out we should, because the Bible tells us so. Notwithstanding the references to rabbinic schools in the New Testament, the Bible never OKs ripping 4 to 14-year old children out of the home. It’s the only worthy venue where the all-important biblical worldview can be instilled in tandem with the three Rs and other basics. Only by training up vulnerable and impressionable youth in obedient homes (or private Christian schools when that’s the only option) will our national, decades-old spiritual nightmare cease. We need not just 544 new political leaders but millions of them in all sectors. And all of them should be on the Lord’s side since every square inch of every sector belongs to Him. A loving, eyes-open, goal-oriented Christian home is the place to start the resurgence.

For our founding fathers, the Boston Tea Party was to the tyranny of King George, what the “dumping” of tyrannical government schools will be to newly-awakened parents once they start removing hundreds of thousands of Christian kids to the safe haven of home. Tough stuff, maybe, but wasn’t Boston? At best, the main thing the cry of holdout parents—”Yes, the schools are terrible, but our school is different”—will produce is the guarantee of bad grandkids. At worst, a high-tech replay of 1930’s Germany and the Hitler Youth. If God is displeased with 1.2 million annual U.S. abortions then consider His likely response to the school-inflicted mind-death of millions of His little ones each year (Matt. 18:2-6, 10-14). Might we not be seeing indicators of that response already?

I’ll close with a special encouragement to Rev. Falwell, all pastors, and all parents. It’s a testimony from a homeschooled daughter echoing those being sent to thousands of parents (by hard copy and verbally) across the land every day. It’s about an HSLDA family, and her letter gives stunning validation to the dream any parent would covet and value, with gratitude to God, for a lifetime. Don’t miss your own chance to experience the joy awaiting obedient parents.

Dear Dad,Through my childhood and adolescent years you’ve probably heard about every form of back talk, seen every disgusted facial expression and have never totally lost your cool. You’ve stretched me to the limit and helped me along the whole way. When I look around and see some of the pain some of my friends are in I realize how fortunate I am that I am your kid. I know that the world would be a better place if there were more dads like you. Thanks for always being there for me. I love you.

Wouldn’t you like to see that kind of testimony, that kind of bonding, that kind of transformation within your own family? The country surely needs it. American Vision staff members are home-discipling a dozen kids with more to come. Remember, January 2009 is a good target launch date so why not make your plans? Why wait?

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