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The season of thanksgiving and goodwill is with us once again here in the land of the Pilgrim’s pride. At this special time it’s good to recall that the first settlers did not sail, settle and die premature deaths in the wilderness for the right to be free from “religion” or to be governed in the civil sector by the odd secularist who might happen along. They came out of an overarching love for the Triune God and a hunger to practice Christianity freely all day, every day. Although they would not be proud of how their heirs have become a moral-relativistic, special interest-obsessed and racially-charged people, it’s always good to reflect that there’s only one race; the human race. Which makes all of us blood cousins. Aspects of God’s DNA still infuse our bodies through Adam and Eve and always will. But, no matter how harmony-inducing this is, we also live in a land in which there exists not one (as there should be) but two, religions. And the tension between them is pulling us apart as never before. Let’s pray for the right one; the Creator’s, to prevail.

I’m labeling the first, For Christ (FC), per Matthew 12:30. These are “the predestined elect,” or the Body of Christ. It’s not a building but still exists 365 days a year, 24/7. Built into the spiritual DNA of these folks is the message that Christ is the only way, not just for eternal life, but for best behavior every minute of our brief life on earth. The other is comprised of those who are Against Christ (AC), which means, also per Matthew, everyone else. Many denominations exist in each. Methodist, Lutheran and Baptist being examples in the first; Hinduism, Atheism, Judaism, and Islam in the other. Not all AC people necessarily hate Christ, but not being for Him means being against Him as He said. But what would truly stun the Pilgrims is the existence of the most important of all the AC types and that’s Secular Humanism (SH). Its adherents refuse to admit it, but SH is a religion as we’ll see.

Their primary and most hostile goal is that Christianity be limited to church buildings, the prayer closet and, ultimately, through political means, forbidden altogether. They coldly deny any religious leanings of their own, saying that they venerate “science and reason,” not silly “faith” as their exclusive starting place for knowledge and logic. But, my central point here is that SH in fact is just as religious and faith-based as ours and FC members would be smart to engage them, as our sworn enemies, on that basis. For too many years and by an unnecessary passivity, the Church let herself be relentlessly bullied by militant Secular Humanists. In so doing we failed to defeat their religion with ours, thereby suffering a serious, self-inflicted loss of respect in the court of (an already SH-leaning) public opinion. But, our counter-offensive will not be a matter of getting SH legally ejected from the public schools via the “separation of church and state” route. That obviously won’t happen soon. Instead, pastors and leaders must come to see and, in turn, to convince families, that SH is cleverly destroying the birthright of sincere but ill-informed FC members. Unwisely, even the best of the flock, after obediently carrying out their FC “duties” for a few hours each week, find that the lure and pervasiveness of the “community normal,” AC life style tends to get the best of the remainder of their waking hours. This is especially true in the lives of their deceived children and increasingly so with each new generation.

It’s not hard to pin the label of “totally religious” on humanists. They, too, are made in God’s image and enjoy His gifts of thinking, reason, logic, etc. These traits are woven together with community-taught cultural inputs which soon lead to beliefs, “inner logic,” a worldview, etc. which are then applied to all of life. In time, all such thinking inevitably triggers implicit personal challenges such as:

  • What’s my purpose?
  • What’s my moral standard?
  • What are my responsibilities?
  • Where does life lead?

In other words, all of these bring thinkers face to face with the highest level of religion-oriented questions whereby only a priest, pastor or, better, a “transcendent entity” can satisfy a sincere inquirer.

To recover from this seeming triumph of “non-religion” over FC Christianity, let’s rip away the curtain, a la “The Wizard of Oz,” of so-called enlightenment by which our enemies have fooled us for years. Once their façade of “science and reason only” is torn away we can see that they’re as religious as anyone else. The difference is that FC evangelizing uses persuasion and voluntary acceptance whereas theirs, Marx-like, is gained by force of government and the gun. Here’s a look at their “faith” and worship rituals.

1. Their “god” or gods
Power. Evolved man. A powerful, central State. Reason. Science. Nature. (As a starting point for doing reasoning, anti-God, anti-faith atheists base their trust in “science and logic,” but must do so, ironically, using a credulous, un-testable faith of their own.)

2. Their bible
The Humanist and Communist Manifestoes. Science books. Freud, et al. Millions of civil laws. Origin of the Species by Darwin. The ruse of “Social Justice.”

3. Priesthood
University professors. Secular politicians. Media/entertainment stars. The ACLU. The Sierra Club. Any and all purveyors of politically correct kool-aid.

4. Church Building
Public schools. Leftist universities. (Nearly all are leftist.) Entertainment and media outlets. Hanging out after school in peer groups.

5. Sacraments
Abortion. Contraception. Unbridled sex. Homosexuality. Embryonic stem cell research. School condom training. The problem-expanding D.A.R.E. and sex-ed programs.

6. Penance
Voting Socialist, Democrat or RINO. Solemn campaigning for ever higher taxes and more government intervention.

7. Tithing
Happily paying the State a maximum tax tribute.

8. Communion
Liberal TV talk shows. Gay/lesbian communes. Drugs and alcohol.

9. Liturgy
Demonstration marches/rampages of intolerance against tradition. Govt. ban on guns, smoking, DDT, fatty foods, spray cans, short selling, making eye contact, many more.

10. Moral Code
Relativism. If it feels good-do your own thing. No absolutes; no truth.

11. Purpose
Survival of the fittest. No hereafter. Ashes to ashes. Eat, drink and be merry. Self-esteem. Pare earth’s population down to under one billion. Tell lies about global warming.

12. Sermons
Derived from Marx, Hegel, Gramsci, Darwin, Dawkins, Derrida, Alinsky, Ehrlich, Freidan, Kinsey, Meade, Sanger, etc. The “celebration” of diversity, multiculturalism, pluralism, etc. And, as for TV…they don’t call them TV “programs” for nothing

13. Law
Whatever. The Constitution is a “loose garment, not a shrink wrap.” Laws “change.”

14. Prayer
This is done rarely and then only in foxholes where no one can see them.

Regrettably, it’s clear that the termites invaded the woodwork while the Church was finding ways to forfeit its Christ-centered, public square high ground over to SH. For humanism to outstrip Christianity as is happening, the chosen strategy, naturally enough, comes through youth education. As humanist Charles Francis Potter triumphantly (and accurately) declared in 1930:

“Education is thus a most powerful ally of humanism, and every American public school is a school of humanism. What can the theistic Sunday school, meeting for an hour once a week and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?”

Note their enemy!Let your kids know all this. Request that your pastor preach about this nation-destroying reality. Pray he’ll give the “what can Jesus do for me” sermons a temporary vacation. More concerned congregants are ready to pay attention than he suspects. The continuance of a free country depends on it. And get your kids out of the schools post haste.

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