On October 12, shortly before last week’s deadly Southern California wildfires and the emergency evacuation of half a million people, governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed senate bill (SB777) into law. And his shocking decision about this phony “anti-discrimination” law still has the blogosphere buzzing. Many know that the bill is really all about advancing the bisexual and homosexual agenda inside California schools, thus the purpose of today’s article is to remind you that a short-sighted attitude of, “oh well, this is just more routine California weirdness” is dangerous. The lesson is that it’s time for Christians, wherever they live, to start planning emergency evacuations from their public schools.

The Pandora’s Box of SB777 threatens parents and taxpayers with off-the-charts moral and financial harm because of its PC-based potential for all kinds of courtroom litigation stemming from anything smacking of ”discriminatory” behavior. The fact that trendy California fads almost always ooze out to infect the other 49 states means that this same kind of legislative deviancy and potential for court chaos will be coming up soon for a vote at your statehouse. So you need to take preemptive steps now to avoid the “when it happens, not if it happens” indoctrination programs lurking at your public school’s doorstep.

This radical bill was orchestrated and pushed through by extremist homosexual contingents both inside and outside the CA legislature and by the NEA, the true purpose being to indoctrinate and help keep schools “safe” for the homo- and bi-sexual kids that California seems bent on pumping out. Henceforth, not only can there be no discrimination in any part of the education system based on the usual catchwords of race, disability, religion, ethnicity, etc. Under special attack now is “any bias” against gender and sexual orientation. You used to think “sex” and “gender” were synonyms, didn’t you? Well, they aren’t any longer on the left coast. If children who have intentionally chosen the insanity of a trans-gender preference life decide they want to ignore any annoying realities about their sexual anatomy, hormone specifics and behavior, they only need to announce it and nobody on school property better be anything other than 101% supportive. No teacher, even by implication, may hint that such an orientation might be a tad different. Under the new law nothing a teacher or school does during any part of any school program or activity can be, or even be simply perceived as being discriminatory.

If you feel like a girl and want to act like a girl even though you’re a boy, then that belief, including the choice of which restrooms to use, may not be besmirched via classroom inferences and must be honored. If not, the school will find that it is in a can of worms of trouble while the only ones not in trouble will be the salivating lawyers poised outside the school gates. Suddenly the school bully your Christian kids must now fear won’t be “Nasty Billy” any longer; it will be the schools themselves and the routine anti-moral propagandizing of children, already bad enough, will become even worse. Teachers who fail to uphold the law with sufficient vigor will be warned of “compliance or else” and will be ordered in for re-education; the schools will be sued and fined; the lawyers will collect and the taxpayers will fork over. Any remedial re-training programs for teachers or schools will bewilder Christian children while stealing focus from teaching and learning. Guilty kids may be expelled and parents called on the carpet with some cases ultimately leading to investigatory shifts over into criminal “hate crime” territory. It’s true that the first immediate fear of irate California Christians following the bill’s enactment was that even using “Mom and Dad” in class would now be illegal, but that provision is not found specifically in the bill. Nevertheless, it is implied along with a multitude of other tip-of-the-iceberg stuff, and thus isn’t very far off.

Once passed, the bill’s “its just about tolerance and civil rights” PR show biz will spring into action: The scorched earth, take no prisoners, homosexual left is determined, mainly via public school perversion training, to see the triumph of their two lifelong goals; demolition of the traditional family and then—the grand prize—permanent elimination of Christianity from every corner of the land. Their grand design is so bad it’s tempting to use mental pictures of last week’s billion dollar fiery catastrophe as a justifiable metaphor for a modern Sodom and Gomorrah right in our backyard. While this devastating image may mean that average Christians may even find themselves loathe to expend much serious prayer time for adult practitioners of sexual perversion, we’d probably spend a lot more if we’d remember that these fellow human beings are being used unawares by Satan as throwaway pawns to do his bidding.

As for today’s warning, and so you’ll never be accused of having acted like the laid back frog in the slowly-coming-to-a-boil pot, you need to get out of your current public school system now, before your own cowardly state representatives cave in to pressures from the mega-dollar homosexual lobby. When this reality hits your state, thousands of you will rush to enroll in private Christian schools which, overnight, will find themselves physically unable to deal with the crunch. Nor will churches respond with adequate speed—though they should and could but haven’t. Therefore, you need to be out of the old schools and newly enrolled before the application deluge hits. Homeschool curriculum providers will likewise be stretched, so it’s wise to get your home program up and running early and at your own pace. Remember that many private Christian schools are very good, but many also yield spotty performance whereas when parents make a true commitment, homeschooling—in spite of its challenges—is a Christian slam dunk. So, think all your choices over carefully.

Many were disappointed at first when Arnold signed this horrible bill, but on further reflection he deserves our thanks. The more the educational establishment shoots itself in the foot with the kind of madness contained in SB777, the more leg-up they give to Christians finally beginning to comprehend the urgent need to evacuate the “enemy’s schools” and replacing this socialistic and fraudulent system with God’s biblical design for kids and parents. Please: Evacuate them now, and three cheers for the Governor for helping us see it. Amen