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It’s no secret that thousands of money- and power-hungry politicians have wormed their way into the U.S. House of Representatives, a body of declining repute, and one that more resembles the Mafia than anything else. The slick MO of these vote-buying “public servants” is to cater to special-interest constituencies such as unions, teachers, homosexuals, welfare lovers, vulnerable blacks, farmers, the enviro’s, etc., and all of it gravy-ed over with billions in pork and earmarks. Nor do many of these 435 hesitate to play the politically crafty class-envy/class-warfare card either. Soon, they’re set up for life, perpetually being returned to office and living, via your money, in Hollywood-like opulence. The main result: Precious freedoms slipping down the memory hole.

What you’ll learn today is that there’s still a way for us to force these House recidivists to “go straight” or, better, to be booted out, and here’s how to make it happen. First though, think of the endless hype surrounding the 2008 presidential campaign as mirroring the 1962 movie, Cape Fear. In it, a now released and payback-obsessed ex-con, Robert Mitchum, tricks prosecutor Gregory Peck into misfocusing on Peck’s wife as being the victim-to-be of the villain’s revenge plot. Instead, it’s actually the pretty young daughter who Mitchum wants to rape and maybe murder. The analogy here is that we voters this season need to be concentrating on the House, not fixating on the meaningless McCain-Obama race, which is exactly what the anti-family/anti-Christian villain, the federal government (and their accomplices in the media) wants. It’s meaningless because it pits against each other (and against us) two backers of Big Government who’ve been found guilty of being professional Socialists based on irrefutable evidence. It’s all hokum; a false fight, but one that mustn’t deter us from seeing that we can “win” on another front.

And, by the way, the answer is not term limits. This is a Band-Aid non-solution ignoring our fast-deteriorating national moral code and the directly-related decline in honor among candidates who say they want to “serve.” There’s a better way we Christians (with our friends) can avoid being mislead as was Peck lest we succumb to the tyranny being planned for our grandchildren by the One World Government crowd power-plotting inside The Beltway. We merely have to stay focused on the House and especially on our own Congressperson hiding out in D.C. Presidents can propose all they want, but in the end it’s the 435 in the House who hold the true power since they alone control the money—our money. (Except for the phony “Monopoly” money they get the Fed to print.)

The House is vulnerable right now to the cleansing power we possess because the national approval rating of the Democrat-controlled Congress is at an all-time low. Though this is good news and something that ought to have the true villains among the 435 shaking in their boots, they’ll tell you privately they’re not that worried. That’s because the polls also show that the voters (most likely infected by the dumb-downing inflicted on us by the socialism-promoting public schools) tend to think quite favorably of their own House delegate in spite of the collective, low, overall rating. Why the disconnect? With all the financial perks of office and regular visits to the district, each of them has a tax-funded bottomless pit of PR goodies. Busy people take a quick look and say, “I think Congress stinks, but my guy’s OK; we just shook hands.” And of course he’s not OK. She’s not. They’re not; at least most of them, and in the months remaining until November we’ve got to get busy putting each of them on notice, county-by-county, in each of the 435 districts in all of the 3,000 U.S. counties.

Although many of us may have pet gripes with D.C. over such irritations as homosexuals in the military, too many crazy EPA/OSHA/ regulations, the “Surge,” drugs, unelected judges, immigration, even the demise of the incandescent bulb and hundreds more, the fact is there are two major challenges (maybe three) that have the united, full attention of everyone in 2008 and on which we need to capitalize decisively: The energy crisis and the economy. (And for many, the thus far unaddressed threat of Saudi-backed world terrorism and “Eurabianism.”) At stake here is our traditional and enviable American way of life, a legacy we should want to preserve out of gratefulness to God.

What we have going for us in each county in the 435 districts is “communication;” a unique tool we absolutely must apply in order to make our guy feel the heat. We need to tell him/her that no educated voter, no matter whether Democrat or Republican, will give even so much as a second’s thought to voting for X unless they speak out loudly:

* For offshore drilling and exploration now, including in the ANWR. For the building of new refineries. For immediate encouragement of oil-conserving nuclear power and for vigorously sharing with constituents the abundantevidence that left-wing nuclear safety and waste disposal threats are pure political bogus. Better yet, let these reps bring meaningful legislative correctives to the House floor now, at once, before November.

* For lowering all taxes including income, property, corporate, gas, luxury, fishing license, phone, inheritance, capital gains taxes; all of them. For immediate investigation of the inflation-causing, economy-destroying Federal Reserve System.

* For telling all other local politicians (mainly state reps) that they, too, must stop with the petty vote-buying and get on board for energy- and economy-beleaguered voters.

For us, this means a flood of hard copy letters, emails, local blogs, letters-to-editors, phone, even press releases and radio, and more. The message: Unless we and our fellow voters in all the counties in the district hear our representative making immediate written and verbal promises about these two critical issues, they’ll be finished politically. No longer will their cowardly silence (much less any opposition) be tolerated. It doesn’t matter if they’re replaced at first by those just as bad or by those of the other party, the word about a finally-aroused citizenry will have gone out. Mess with our American way of life; continue caving in to Pelosi and Reid et al; fail to encourage productivity not impeding it; stonewalling emergency level energy solutions, etc. and you’re finished.

This is a tall order which is why I’ve asked you to get involved. The saying is that if you really want something done, something that has to be delegated, you ask busy people. That’s why I’m asking you. Get out your pens. Boot up Outlook. Let the word go out, starting now, that Christian Americans and their network of friends have had enough.

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