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Following a recent article, several of you emailed to ask why I appear to prefer homeschooling (HS) as the best educational weapon in this battle for the mind of fragile (5 to 18 year olds) Christian kids instead of opting for a two-way mix of homeschooling and private Christian schools (PCS.) In fact, one person put it this way: “To you, are private Christian schools just so much ‘chopped liver?’” Well, no, they are not chopped liver because they have a key role to play in this notable do-or-die mission of equipping and blessing the next generation of adults-to-be (our Christian replacements) with a culture-impacting biblical worldview. I’ll get to more details about the HS vs. PCS debate in my next article, but for now, and more importantly, please consider a not unreasonable metaphor underscoring the principle that Christian parents must come to understand—big picture-wise—no matter which of the two alternatives they finally chose.

When the first mate of the SS Titanic phoned the bridge for emergency instructions, the captain’s incisive command was, “Whatever you do, stop the ship and get that leak plugged. Fast! This is an emergency. We’ll deal with mold and mildew in the staterooms later.” That is, just plug the leak. There would be time later on for a more critical look at the issues of repair, re-design, etc.

In this metaphor the Titanic represents—collectively—Christian families, the Church and, to a large extent, the entire country. The specific entity that is failing to provide prudent navigation for a culture awash in disarray is the swarm of federal agencies that have commandeered every inch of the public education leviathan. The ripped gash in the side of the ship are the schools themselves—those most basic of all basic life-impacting institutions—operating a $500 Billion (that’s a “B”) per year boondoggle of unwarranted textbook profits, teacher salaries, benefits and retirement packages, all operating inside of, and with stunning inattention to, the moral and academic freefall that the education lobby has bestowed upon a nation of apparently too-busy-to-notice parents.

The seawater flooding in is the abysmal lack of academic success that has reached nearly international joke proportions. Even more perilous to the “ship’s” health and longevity is the toxic torrent of anti-moral, anti-Christian brainwashing, and “secular socialization” being enforced in nearly every subject, every class, every DVD and Power Point presentation. Equally breathtaking are the multiple perversities being shared with not-yet-immune Christian kids via daily contact with their classmates. Many of these peer “disease carriers” themselves have been innocently yet badly infected by disease viruses coming down the pipelines of radio, TV, media and what passes for entertainment. All these educational pathologies are even transmitted (though unwittingly in many cases) by well-intentioned Christian teachers employed in the system. But, all in all, it’s a flood of toxicity that, according to Christian pollster George Barna, is inexorably driving 85% of Christian kids out of church and out of touch with Christ once they leave home as “adults.” And—as we’re repeatedly told to believe—the “vital real-world socialization that only the public schools can offer” has turned out to be a flop, a ruse, and the primary cancer that is bringing about the cultural collapse we all see, one way or another, each and every day.

The flood-stopping plug consists of, 1) obedient pastors willing to provide emergency level leadership among congregational families no matter what any perceived "risks" might be so that the Cultural Mandate of Genesis 1:26-28 and Psalms 8:5-6 can be achieved; 2) equally future-oriented, obedient parents, roused from a secular-induced slumber and finally able to recognize a satanically-placed iceberg when they see one; 3) the parents' kids who will soon be translating their Christian-based academics and Biblical Worldview training into a culture-changing societal miracle pleasing to God. [End of metaphor.]

The undisputed facts about what’s happening to millions of our kids, and the key point of the story, is that no matter which leak-plugging educational mechanism that parents choose – education by HS or PCS—both will serve wonderfully well to help save this ship of family, Church and nation. The immediate emergency need is to remove the kids as soon as possible from out of this down-dumbing, robot-creating, morally inept and forever unrepairable government operated indoctrination system. Any government school, by definition, is anti-God and was—as some of you may be aware—wrong from the start, even in theory, as our founders well knew. A fatal flaw in this instance is that the job of educating God’s children was never supposed to be up to the State—i.e., to flawed men. Biblically, it’s up to the parents. Any government system, if given the kids all day from ages 5 to 18 will (being staffed by paid sinners) always devolve into raising them according to man’s ways, not God’s. This is a fact of life so long as Satan lurks and so long as man is born into trouble, naively watching the pretty sparks flying upward and casually ceding his (God’s) kids over to the Moloch of the public schools. [To be continued.]

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