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Save The Titanic - Part 2

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Last week I used the “Titanic metaphor” to dramatize how inspired Christian parents can take the best step possible in helping plug the hole in the sinking ship of U.S. families, culture and Church. The remedy is to immediately extract hostage children from the clutches of the poisoning, polluting and perverting government schools and transfer them to homeschooling (HS) or private Christian schools (PCS.) As much as nearly any other institution, the federal school system contributes in a deadly way to our cultural tailspin, and this includes the direct and indirect damage it’s doing to Christian church-goers and to the weak reed that is the modern U.S. Church.

For those insisting that our real “culture collapse villains” are the entertainment industry, the ACLU, satanic computer games, TV, radio, etc., please ask yourself this: Where do the people who mass produce our pop American perversities first begin receiving their intellectual “basic training”? Since it’s obviously within the do-your-own-thing, God-hating schools, why should we expect anything other than perversity? We’re reaping what we and our proxy leaders and legislators have been sowing educationally since the early 19th century.

Aside from the pitiful, well-documented academic meltdown, keep in mind that each June, from out of every K-12 schoolhouse, our families and churches and culture are also being systematically gifted with two groups of spiritually- and morally-compromised victims. The first group consists of little pagans-in-the-making who come from non-Christian, non-churched homes, and who, after nine months of steady indoctrination, exit the schoolrooms even more damaged than they were the previous Fall. The second group consists of all the churched and Christian kids who in nine short months have become just that much more like their paganized peers than the previous September. They’re one step closer to abandoning the faith in preparation for being of no earthly good, as adults, to the cause of fulfilling the Cultural Mandate and the Great Commission for Christ all across culture. Many who don’t desert the faith often become accommodating to the divergent worldviews they’ve been exposed to for 12 or more years. They adopt a form of moral equivalency where the world is seen through a prism of “live and let live.”

Intersecting with and adding to the governmental perversion of young minds is a pietistic, feminized, visionless, and Alzheimer’s-trending U.S. Christian Church. Instead of marching forth as a dominion-oriented, all-fronts army, geared up to restore the gospel message and to do battle against secularization in culture, the Church focuses narrowly (and safely!) on such near-trivia as “pastoral sensitivity to congregants concerned with ‘me and my feelings,’” “relationships,” “God’s ‘unconditional’ love for everyone no matter what they do,” the frustratingly vague—“restoring the nation one soul at a time,” “the imminent Rapture escape,” “church growth no matter the fruit,” “relevance,” and other such—some not entirely insignificant—yet nonetheless secondary distractions. The battle for the mind of our kids needs to be fought on two fronts, but at the moment we’re losing on both; in the hostage schools and in weak churches.

Enter now the Christian parent wondering which way to go on the educational home front. I admit my mentors and studies point towards Christian homeschooling (90% of the time) as being the best answer to the academic, spiritual and biblical worldview (BWV) challenge that our kids—and we adults, too—need to master. But the emergency nature of the national cultural crisis means that parents must also be practical in the near term. So, for those who are reluctant or unable to HS yet still willing to enroll their kids in a PCS, we should grant them our wholehearted support and encouragement. I’m confident the day will come when homeschooling is normative in Christian families, but for the moment we need to get the “exodus from out of the government schools” up and running immediately, using either of the two pro-Christian schooling options.

Those opting for a PCS approach are wise to search for a school that teaches from a curriculum in which a BWV is woven into all of the subjects all of the time. Integration of the philosophic with the academic is the best approach for creating spiritually prepared and battlefield-wise kids ready and eager for the task of taking back the culture for Christ. The pertinent Bible doctrine comes from Genesis 1:26–28 and Psalm 8:5–6, instructing us to be fruitful, multiply, replenish and subdue, and—most importantly— to take dominion over the works of God’s hands for the sake of the Cultural or Dominion Mandate. Since a well-ingrained BWV also happens to be the key to success in every part of life, it must be taught all the time and not just once a week or in a specially set-aside class as is often the case in many private Christian schools.

Parental PCS decision-making should take note of the benefits that can come with church-sponsored private schools. When the PCS is tied directly to a single-sponsor church, the likelihood of BWV integration is increased; pastor and elders are more likely to be supportive; the teachers are more likely to be members of that specific church and thus be on the same page on all details; the daily theological messages and BWV offerings are more likely to be consistent which means that confusion among the students is avoided. There is, however, no choice problem at all between any PCS and the public school “option.”

Homeschooling is the topic next time, but the key point today is that with either educational alternative, HS or PCS, parents will know they’re doing the right thing as they free their children from public school “hostage status,” and as they plug a huge societal “leak” in the process.

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