The immensity with which God once graciously blessed the U.S.A. was easy for us and all the world to see for roughly the first three hundred years of our history. Sadly, as we near the end of the fourth century of America’s founding, what stands out instead is the increasingly uncivil behavior by ungrateful citizens in all sectors of our society placing us on the verge of one of world history’s most stunning cultural crackups. With as much informational and high-tech communication resources as He’s given us over the years you’d think by now it would have led to more harmony between Americans and less coarsening of culture, more Golden Rule-ism and less Me-ism, more lives transformed for Him and fewer of us reverting to the kind of ancient barbarism we were supposed to have risen above. Ahh, sin. It takes a nasty toll.

However, since there still remains a potential for redemption amid all this collective betrayal of His kindness towards us, it’s very likely that the Christian Home Schooling (CHS) of our “replacement adults” may be the best reprieve-producing tool available. The biblical worldview-based training at home of our 5, 10, and 15 year old Christian kids will give them the spiritual potential and tough yet winsome leadership abilities that these young salt-and-lighters-to-be will need when their chance comes to undo the Cultural Crisis in America. And “winsome” is important. The old saying, “he convinced against his will is of the same opinion still,” illustrates that when a true (and lasting) Christian cultural rejuvenation arrives it will, humanly speaking, have to have been developed by strictly voluntary attitudes. That’s why our replacement cadres of young leaders will be advancing the Cultural Mandate with a “from the bottom up” strategy via love, service, friendly persuasion and inspiring leadership. Not from a “top down” approach using theocratic or government edicts. And, they’ll be using the following breakthrough philosophy: “Full-time Christian service” will no longer be thought of as pertaining exclusively to pastors and missionaries. Instead we’re going to see Christian plumbers “preaching locally and full time” to other plumbers. We’ll see an engineer being an engineer and a missionary to local engineers along with all of the other homeschooled butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers in their vocations. Besides, as to the insistence that the needed renaissance must grow voluntarily, we surely can’t force Christian principles upon those whom Satan has maintained a decades-long chokehold. Therefore, love, service, friendly persuasion and leadership integrated with a biblical worldview will be the homeschool-taught tools.

If this HS-based remedy is as crucial as it appears to be then by now many of you, no matter where you are currently with your own children’s education, are hopefully asking, “What can I do personally to serve in this homeschooling arena?” (Unless you’re already doing it which is help enough all by itself!) If you’re not, please consider duplicating what two HS parents and I did recently; something that was easy to do. Although I had already sponsored large-venue HSing conferences, I’d never done a small one, and ours went like this. We decided to hold a free information evening for city parents who were already considering or who might be ready to consider HSing. We began by ordering the Home School Legal Defense Association’s (HSLDA’s) excellent 30-minute DVD, “You Can Homeschool.” It’s available for no charge at 540–338–5600. (Yes, they are awaiting your calls.) Whetsone Medias similar DVD is also excellent, but it’s also twice as long and costs $20. We reserved a community meeting room with a DVD player and TV screen on site. We passed the details to nearby radio stations and also printed a couple dozen info flyers on eye-catching yellow paper with scissor-cut, semi-attached finger tabs on the flyer’s bottom edge with the contact phone number. We taped them up all around town.

We took what was maybe the unhelpful step of buying an ad in the local newspaper. It was costly which, for you, makes it optional, short of finding helpful donors. However, placing the ad did lead to an interview with the paper’s editor resulting in a modest pro-HSing article a few days before the meeting. We had also pre-located some professionally done HSing flyers to hand out the night of the meeting. Probably the best means of publicity, as we were to discover too late, would have been by repeated word of mouth and phoning. (Alerting various churches is also worth considering.) We correctly focused our calls on people who were already HSing since we thought they were the most likely to be the most aware of others who were considering. We prayed, too, but could have done more of it.

If phone and loudspeaker capability permits (not super difficult), you might be able to set up a long distance telephone conference call session, as we did, with a respected national home school leader, although experienced local HSers in attendance might do just as well. We used this 20 minute Q. and A. to wrap up the program, and it was very helpful. Coffee and donuts were on hand. The final result? A dozen people came including several HSers. Less than we’d hoped for, but there was much good discussion afterwards. Who can know for sure at this point what the Holy-Spirit-guided spin-offs might be? And, as you’ll probably also find there were some pleasant surprises. Our attitude throughout the planning was that it was going to be the Holy Spirit’s evening, and that we would trust His plan. So please consider taking this relatively simple pioneer step by offering your services through this enjoyable and personally rewarding kind of event. Indirectly but powerfully you’ll be helping create tomorrow’s “everyday” leaders and changers of society. Now it’s your serve and thanks very much. Your serve could be an ace.