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Extra, Extra! Germ Warfare Declared on Patients & Parents

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I eventually used my doctorate in dentistry to specialize in gum diseases and jaw bone loss, and, looking back, I often wonder why. Compared with the specialties of crowns, root canals, implants, orthodontics, etc., it’s the only specialty demanding near-fanatical daily cooperation by the patient. With the others, the patient shows up, “opens up,” pays, and goes on his way. The dentist does all the work. But, not so with gum disease. It’s relentless. In fact, even when teeth are “professionally cleaned,” the disease-causing bacteria are back at work within 24 hours, stubbornly reattaching themselves to the teeth and setting up the microscopic gum tissue cells for eventual disaster.
In theory, there’s a reasonable way around all this which is to de-bacteria-ize the teeth daily, but it’s a discipline, and easier said than done. You need to establish a new, good habit and drop the old: saving instead of spending, kicking junk food, not using the bedroom floor as primary storage, etc (Eph. 4:20–32). In short, forming good habits can be tough. But we either make the decision to do the daily discipline and keep the teeth, or...not. If not, then in adulthood we can eventually expect to pay the piper.  

Where’s he taking us with this? Since “doctor” in Latin means “teacher,” he’s taking you back to school. Or, rather, he’s taking you out of school; the public schools that is, via a metaphor. Gum damage by un-removed bacteria is just like the daily academic and moraldamage parents allow their kids to be exposed to in the mind-programming humanist schools. Interestingly, a few “good” bacteria actually do exist in the mouth, but the same can’t be said for the schools, including those that happen to have hired a good Christian teacher or two. Poor comparative national and international test scores, problematic student attitudes, etc. speak for themselves. But cut to the bottom line: Although parents are awakening to the “damage” being done, the U.S. education establishment calls the process, “mission accomplished.” Why? Just like the chicken-eating fox who, when chastised, patiently explains, “But that’s what I do;” the schools purposely create educational and learning dysfunction. Ever since Plato, rulers of “the State” know that a dumbed-down child will become a pliable adult, ready to sit still for the most outrageous high-regulating, high-taxing, liberty-robbing, political power grabbing, and Christ-mocking atrocities conceivable by those who would rule us. And, anyway; what did you expect from the government—an educational Rolls-Royce or a Model T?  

The vulnerable school-enrolled child is like a bacteria-covered tooth: For every day under attack, micro damage continues apace. For every day in public schools your child becomes just that much more academically dumbed-down and that much less likely to want to learn. For every day of soaked-up moral relativism, indoctrinating DVDs, sex-ed, defiance- producing peer influence—the whole humanistic atmosphere—he’s being morally abused to an extent that would make even John Dewey squirm. Of the two, the moral infection is the worst, creating a nation of self-centered, semi-sociopaths to whom truth and right and wrong are more and more meaningless. Each day in school is like giving your child a micro dose of arsenic. Over time larger doses can be tolerated; death avoided and all seems well. But chronic arsenic poisoning invariably causes fatal cancers and public school exposure inevitably causes the loss of your child’s soul. So it’s not insufficient government spending or lactose intolerance destroying our youth and our culture. And taking ten minutes to read two chapters of 1 John and saying the sinner’s prayer after supper doesn’t provide damage control either. If there even are family suppers any more.  

If diagnosed and intercepted early enough it’s true that bacterial, arsenic, academic, and moral damage can sometimes be undone. But the fact of life is that most of the time it’s not. So what to do? Some of you already know that the key preparatory step is to go to the spiritual medicine cabinet and pull out the life’s best instruction manual of sure-fire remedies and prevention. Decide you’re going to follow the simple “dos and don’ts.” Make a permanent resolution to be scrupulously obedient to the printed word, nd then set the “manual” down and take vital step one: Separate your child from the disease-causing agent—the schools.

In regard to Christian homeschooling, don’t worry about the question;, “But what about single, working mothers?” This deserves an answer even though it’s often asked in a purely contrarian vein. If truly concerned, write me for details. When “Rev. Smith” argues that “Christian kids are salt and light in the schools,” be aware this is the standard response by those fearful of angering public school-favoring church members. But Jesus never called on (often marginally-behaved) children to be evangelists; it’s tough enough for adults, even trained adults. However, a very effective salt and darkness operation does exist at your city’s school, and it’s Satan’s who uses that juicy boot camp training venue to steal the souls of your kids. And we’re paying for it! (For further information see also Barna’s material.) And, don’t capitulate to the “if parents would get more involved the schools would be fine” legend either. Hoping to change your school district by running for the PTA is akin to picketing a topless bar on a pay-day Saturday night. Just know that Satan is happy when “concerned” parents join the PTA. They feel better. Satan smiles.

By referring to Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2:13–14, someone may tell you that good Christians should keep their children in the government schools in obedience to the State (the civil magistrate.) If so, just refer them to the Hebrew midwives, Rahab, Daniel (who was in captivity), and Acts 4:19, 20 and 5:29. Though the Bible generally does command our submissive compliance to government, obedience to God always ranks above obedience to the State. Anyway, this is no real argument since the State (at this point in time) is not compelling parents to send their children to government schools. And don’t be put off by objections from your public school-trained parents either! You’ll be bucking a 150 year trend, but it won’t matter: A pleased-at-your-decision God is on your side. That’s His specialty.

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