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Wrapping Up The School Choice Challenge

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My article last week was the second of three on the question of best school choice for Christian kids, and today wraps it up. At least for now, because the challenge is not going away soon. But, the longer that parents, and especially pastors, continue to duck the issue with feeble rationalizations, the longer it will be before Christian kids begin getting the necessary training to help make nationwide “Christian Cultural Renewal” succeed. The link between CCR and youth education is that only by obedient, full-time Christian education will sufficient numbers of “biblical worldview troops” be trained in time to defeat the secularism engulfing us. Will we succeed? Yes, and, American Vision’s “big picture, Dominion Mandate, master vision” is dedicated to helping achieve that precise goal. We’re able to stay on task with maximum energy and confidence knowing that the Bible has promised victory in history before He returns.  

Before reading on, please take a moment to review my last week’s article. Remind yourself of how forever unfixable and anti-God the U.S. public schools are. (And here’s  a bonus warning about one of their newer nefarious schemes. It’s called the International Baccalaureate program. Anti-God to the core, it’s humanism on steroids with “social justice” (100% govt. control over you) and world government propaganda  being force-fed under the radar to vulnerable young minds.) Remind yourself of the 20th century church’s misinterpretation of the expression, “we’re no longer under law but under grace,” and how this error has convinced thousands of parents to ignore God’s Old Testament commands; commands (especially those on youth education) that are still entirely valid for today. Review Romans 7:1, 12 and 22. Remind yourself of what Rom. 6:13, 15; 1 John 3:4, 5:17 and James 4:17, taken as unit, teach, and that a Christian who knows righteous behavior but doesn’t behave righteously (e.g., leaving his children in the public schools) has transgressed God’s law and has sinned.

Another example of how not to clarify the education choice question came home in a big way last week thanks to poor planning by Focus on the Family. What would have been an otherwise reasonable homeschooling series on February 18 and 19 just had to kick off with that infamous Focus on the Family disclaimer, “Of course Home Schooling isn’t for everybody.” This infuriating mantra thoroughly poisons the well right up front every time. James Dobson will simply not risk irritating his donors who refuse to forego the luxury of “free” government baby-sitting. But the biggest disappointment was the February 20, 2008 program during which the “not all public schools are bad” myth was again trotted out. Adding to the frustrating nature of that segment was one guest’s approval of the aforementioned International Baccalaureate program! (You need to know more about this moral disaster.) When it was over, the Focus on the Family series left parents still befuddled as to “which school?” FotF simply must get off the dime and declare to seeking parents; “Perhaps you’ve prayed and prayed hard about the “right school,” yet God seemed silent. Why do you suppose He is? Because the Bible has already told you what to do. No praying is necessary. Just do it. Remove them.
We can end for all time the needless controversy about the public schools with this final insight. In last week’s article I didn’t mention private Christian schools. Nor are they mentioned in the Bible. God didn’t intend for parents to send kids to “schools” (or to synagogue schools.) After making clear what he does want, God never spends much time talking about things not to do. So, let’s ask; does the Bible specifically forbid us to send our children to Muslim, Buddhist, or Mormon schools? No, it’s not specifically banned. To humanistic, Wiccan, or atheistic schools? No. God says nothing about them. But does this mean that since they are not specifically prohibited they’re therefore OK? No, again. There is an abundance of clear Scripture on youth education and therefore no need for Grace to You or Focus on the Family to pretend it’s a “gray area” making it a “wisdom issue.” Normal deduction handles the challenge just fine.
In fairness, “Grace to You” is correct when it says that some of life’s questions can be so complex and the Bible so mute that only a “wisdom approach” of study plus prayer provides the answer. But not in this case. The Bible is clear on education and on whether or not it’s sin to place Christian children in the public schools. In truth, for pastors to say “pray and make up your own minds” is merely a side door way to make sure angered parents don’t take their checkbook and leave: “You, pastor, can admonish us from the pulpit about the Ten Commandments all you want. But, ask us to remove our kids from the free public schools? Excuse me, that’s called meddling not preaching. We’re gone.” That’s the fear, so buck up, pastors, and be men. God has unlimited time, but the U.S. Church doesn’t necessarily have forever. Christ came to bring a sword in this instance. Mt. 10:32–37. Please consider using this figurative sword boldly and obediently. We need more homeschooling parents and children. Right away. Pastors are the key.

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