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The main purpose of my article last week was to stimulate thought. But I also hinted at historical revisionism, a scheme by many historians and writers designed to lead students, both young and old, astray. These who deny the true spiritual roots of the USA often use the “melting pot” analogy to advance a devious anti-Christian agenda. They’d have us believe it was not Reformed-based Christianity that gave this nation (from 1620) its momentum and direction for the (at least) two-plus centuries that it did. They tell us that the humanist-based Age of Reason and French Enlightenment were the inspirational models. Further, what made us great was not obedience to the Christian God, rather devotion to an anti-God hodge-podge of pluralism, multiculturalism, diversity, and do-your-own-thing-ism. And finally, we’re told it’s “undemocratic” for government to require that new immigrants should ever be expected to “swear allegiance” to the founding religious, moral, and limited government principles on which this nation was founded. “Press 1 for English” is becoming our new national anthem.   

I also suggested that it was Lincoln’s secret desire to launch governmental power-expanding schemes that did the most to weaken our God-centered heritage. That’s because one million (10%) of the best and the brightest young American men, most of whom were of Scotch, English, and Scotch-Irish (i.e., N. Ireland) descent, were cruelly and needlessly wiped out by death or incapacitating injuries during the Civil War. As a result, tens of thousands of European immigrants of many disparate mindsets and worldviews—not necessarily in harmony with Reformed convictions—had to be called on to supply the manpower for the multiple post-war employment sectors. My comments prompted two “historically revised” readers to send emails of protest. Plenty others agreed with me, but the skeptics should be heard. Here’s a slightly edited one:

Dear Dr. Jones,
I recently began receiving the American Vision articles and you have made many good points. However, I have to say I’m continually frustrated by an underlying tone and attitude which I perceive as haughty, critical, self-righteous, even downright hateful. This is disconcerting coming from someone who is supposed to be representing Christ as you try to reach others with important cultural, governmental, political and social issues. When we resort to name-calling or people-bashing we lose all credibility with non-believers and believers, alike. You must first reflect God’s character to be an effective witness. You can still write with conviction without sounding so bitter and resentful and compromising your Christian witness. Thank you. 

Dear X,
Thanks for writing. I suspect some of what you say about my tone could well be true. I’ll try to watch it. I don’t want to come across as vinegary, but a “Christian sugary” style won’t do either. Further, I write these articles in a hurry because of deadlines, and so I don’t always have time to massage each one to make sure I don’t offend. Besides, I see my job as requiring me to be in “prophetic warning” mode. When someone is as upset as I am with what’s become of this once-Christian land it’s easy to let human disappointment and frustration show through while I try to present serious answers to the challenges.

I’m a periodontist and “prevention” is a basic pillar of that profession. For me, this makes it nearly automatic that I think preventively while proposing cures for a coarsening U.S. culture, so it makes no sense to sugar-coat cultural threats. In essence the nation is at war and “our side,” God’s side, is losing and being anything other than brutally frank would be a disservice. Almost the entire 20th century was a sugar-coating festival as wimpy church leaders increasingly played the “gentle Jesus, it’s all about love” card, and we are now paying the piper for that failure to obey God’s sometimes tough and self-sacrificial commands. So I’m a prophet. Who likes prophets? In your opinion, which of the Old Testament prophets was the “nicest”? Offending, it seems, has turned out to be one of the major, politically correct no-no’s of the age and look where we are because of it.

You feel that I’m bitter, resentful, haughty, hateful, but it’s just the opposite. Trusting in God’s total sovereignty tends to give one peace. He’s in total control of all events including the current (and I hope, temporary) US meltdown. Even so, I believe He’s also given each of us a job to do. Prayer is an example. Even though the ultimate end-point of our societal upheaval (or the ultimate disposition of a person we’re praying for) has already been pre-determined by Him, we’re commanded to pray as part of the overall pre-determined process. As to the societal upheaval per se, I feel led to warn so I do my best to do so. Since you’ve read my other articles let me ask this: If you agree with my pro-homeschooling, get-your-kids-out-of-the-public-schools-as-soon-as-possible message, have my warnings inspired you to take action or has my “poor tone” upset you so much that you’ve decided to “teach me a lesson” by staying out of the fight? I’m sure that’s not the case, but you see what I mean. In fact we need your skill, brains and finesse in this battle. Please overlook my personal weaknesses (plenty!) and try to let whatever truth I’ve presented, not who I am, be what you respond to. 

As for Lincoln, please read The Real Lincoln before you censure me for what I consider to be the very justifiable “people bashing” about him, if that was your reference. If you do, you won’t think very kindly of him, either. And it’s not just one book. There’s plenty of other substantiating material that Americans can profitably study in order to find out who he really was. Ninety percent of the Lincoln stories are falsehoods designed to serve a modern political end, namely anti-God state socialism. That was Lincoln’s goal as well.

As for “name-calling,” yes, I’ll call the government public school system one of the worst possible things that can happen to any country, and I’ll do so with my dying breath. This isn’t just my opinion. I’ve had to stand on the shoulders of others to see it and thousands have conclusively proven it true. Such bad news about an American institution as revered as the public schools naturally comes as a shock, but we need to get over it and move beyond to a new reverence for biblical obedience instead. You seem not to like the way I say all this. OK then, who is saying it in a better, more compelling way? These aren’t easy things to say. Either way, the kids need to be withdrawn. Schooling and discipling at home by rolled-up-sleeve Christian parents is the answer.

Thanks and God bless you.

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