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Providence and the Passing Parade

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A mysterious, nearly disastrous glitch with my laptop’s hard drive and a homeschool-conference-weekend in the beautiful, scenic city of Morgantown, West Virginia, combined to create a delay in this week’s scheduled article, “A Bible Preference for Homeschooling?: Part 3.” The hard drive had to be replaced, yet nearly all of the files and documents were painstakingly salvaged. A providential grace indeed.

Providence intervened in my life a second time thanks to Morgantown’s local Sunday newspaper. In it I chanced upon the well-known Parade Magazine, a Sunday supplement no longer carried in my metro area’s major paper. (I had hoped to find a Sudoku puzzle.) Parade is notoriously liberal and left-leaning, so I almost missed their Intelligence Report which featured the article, “Should Homeschooling Be Illegal?” The article’s main theme grew out of last February’s huge threat to California homeschooling parents as sprung on them by just three lone (rogue) judges sitting on a California state court of appeals. Their ponderings related to a supposed but essentially fictitious story of child neglect. The court made a ruling that would have immediately disenfranchised all homeschooling parents who didn’t have state-recognized teaching credentials; i.e., virtually 99% of them.

But as you probably already know, state and national outrage was such that the court was forced to back away from its “we-three-geniuses-know-what’s-best-for-you-plebians” proclamation. But only temporarily since the case is going to be reheard this month. Since such embarrassing public rebuffs are not easily suffered by their lordships, it will very likely be reconsidered with even increased vigor by the three despots-in-training. It’s also likely that their personal anger will be supplemented by vocal pressure from the usual pack of elitists (ACLU, teacher unions, media, et al.) who are forever trying to inflict socialistic engineering heresies upon the most precious of our U.S. traditions; namely our natural and constitutional rights and the axiom that children belong to the parents, not the state.    

Although I can’t say for sure what the article’s true purpose was, what I do know is that Parade readers were asked to go to and vote on the question: “Should parents need teaching credentials to homeschool their kids?” Why, of all the questions they could have come up with, Parade decided to ask that one would seem to be more evidence of a pro-government bias by Parade’s management. Their top focus should have been to draw attention towards how frighteningly easy it is for just three ordinary sinners to exert judicial and political tyranny over millions of us. Even so, I hope most Parade readers still believe we live in a free country and that people, not the state, have ultimate responsibility for children. The state is still supposed to be the servant, not the master. Please read the article and then make your voice heard. You’ll see the current, yes vs. no results after you click on “vote.”  

Almost as bad but just as revealing of a Parade bias is the quotation by noted leftist lawyer, Richard Kahlenberg in this hardly intelligent Intelligence Report. In a statement that could only have been designed to subtly prejudice an uninformed reader against, not for homeschooling, Kahlenberg would have us believe that the California case “pits those who believe parental rights are paramount against those who place a premium on well-educated citizens.” Yes, you heard that right! He commits two logical fallacies, “poisoning the well” and setting up a false “either/or” dichotomy. On one hand Parade and the longsuffering Kahlenbergs of the world are once again forced to take time from their busy, government-expanding campaigns to remind us about the existence of a disgusting underside of culture inhabited by dopey bigots from flyover country who still think government is something to be feared and that the constitution is not a “dynamic, living, evolving document for change.” (That would be most of us.) On the “side of the angels,” however, are the deeper thinking, progressive folks like Kahlenberg; the “beautiful people” of the left, who care about the one thing that only they and their public schools can provide: “well-educated citizens.”

If Kahlenberg has even a smidgen of solid evidence that average public school graduates are better educated than average homeschoolers, let alone “well-educated” at all, then he has a best-selling book on his hands. (“Well-indoctrinated” is the truth of the matter.) I’m assuming he didn’t bother to actually look at hard data and that Parade purposely let him get away with it. As for life’s “passing parade,” and given the increasingly hostile environment against the family by government at all levels, I would ask you to pray about the upcoming revisiting of this case. In addition, please visit to see a separate initiative being taken by concerned Christian parents in all 50 states to bolster the natural right to keep children safely out of the grasp of Big Government.


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