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On June 23, 2008 (with a follow-up on June 25) Gary DeMar made public the outlandish claim of a chronic web malcontent who said that homeschool graduates are only fit for lifetime occupations of “scrubbing toilets and mowing lawns.” DeMar addressed this nonsense with a challenge that stirred up the blogosphere in a big way. Within hours, more than 250 striking testimonies by parents and their homeschooled graduates poured in showing (and very graciously, too) how far off the mark the skeptic was.

Academically, spiritually, job-wise and family-wise, these voluntary replies re-validated Gary’s June 23rd research and info links as to how well homeschoolers actually do in real life. Even those homeschoolers not taught from a Christian perspective tend to outpace the non-home-schooled in most categories. In fact, so important was the thoughtful and fervent outpouring of replies that it’s likely this first-of-its-kind report will go on to be referred to regularly in future homeschooling-related literature.

But, vastly more important than their gratifying content was the powerful kingdom-advancing potential contained within the collective responses. Because some readers may not have spotted it, the purpose of today’s article is to describe that potential; one that culture-transforming Christian Soldiers, both present and future, need to build on if they would leave their grandchildren a proud family legacy and ensure the existence of an intact, pro-Christian culture for the yet unborn. In a nutshell, my observation is that these 250-plus biblical worldview oriented responders (and all of their future homeschooling brethren yet-to-be) will continue to be people of measurably superior caliber and motivation. They’ll be the ones best able to write the “how-to-do-it” manual of cultural engagement that will detail for potential service-based leaders and leadership-oriented servers how to bring cultural change for Christ to their communities. In a minute I’ll talk about how this playbook can be written.

Sharp, homeschooled Christians are now aware of two key facts. First; for roughly 50 years prior to 1900 a mainly dispensational-focused American Church stayed blissfully convinced that God’s ideal was to evangelize at home and to send missionaries abroad. But then, as the 20th century unloaded a shocking barrage of brutal wars and major moral disasters, even in the supposedly “Christian” west, even those waiting for “the Rapture and His soon return” felt that the Church should probably confront an unraveling century a bit more vigorously. Sadly, their best proposal was an evangelism modification that they hoped would minimize cultural catastrophe by transforming “one soul at a time.”

Regrettably, this plan fell short because of a general congregational apathy plus intentionally powerful factors working to oppose a Christian culture. Factors such as evolution and those who used it to belittle “science-averse, small-minded” Christians; the hopelessness that came with the “last days’ madness” of premillenialism; a church-supported “easy believism” that took the starch out of the Christian serious-mindedness necessary to maintain the moral high ground in culture; a devilish historical revisionism and “it’s all about me” mindset taught in the public schools and expanded upon by a leftist media, and many more examples of spiritual sabotage by the Christian-hating left. But by far the left’s best (worst) move was the clever way the public schools now use the oh-so-sweet slogans of “tolerance and diversity” to trick victims into thinking that maybe Christianity, after all, is just one more lifestyle option among many. (Even Barna pollsters don’t grasp the full import of the anti-Christian side’s ingenuity.)

The second fact now known to theologically more astute homeschoolers is that the Great Commission (and its synonym, the Cultural Mandate) is about far more than just getting people saved. They also know that kids even as young as 4 and 5 need to be taught a biblical worldview and the rudiments of cultural engagement. That is, “getting saved,” in and of itself, is not the end-all of earthly life. Youth is the key and young Christians whether 5 or 25 (and, yes, beyond 25) are now starting to sense the need to prepare for the winnable cultural battle they’ll want to be fighting, literally, until their dying day.

As for the “how to do it” specifics for both homeschooled youth and adults, here’s where I’m duplicating what Gary DeMar did on June 23, 2008. I’m challenging the 250 responders and all of you readers to come up with specific blueprints for what one or two dedicated Christians in a community might do to start the culture-impact ball rolling, tomorrow. Picture yourself as having reached a point of terminal fed up-ness with how little the churches, pastors and other leaders are doing to make a measurable difference for Christ, Monday through Saturday in every nook and cranny of local culture. The hypothetical ball is now in your court. What can you think of that you, or you and a couple of others, could do to start a local campaign that would eventually sweep the nation? When you’ve come up with your idea(s), print up an outline and mail a hard copy by USPS to American Vision in care of me. We’ll get busy compiling all the ideas into a vehicle which, when integrated with AV’s new Mandate 28 initiative, will be used to inspire thousands of “leaders through service” and “servers through leadership” in communities everywhere.

Yes, it’s important for the lone individual to write a letter to the editor; register to vote; run for local office; picket the local abortion clinic with a sign; ask a drug store manager to conceal pornographic material, etc. But, this is not what we’re looking for, strategy-wise. We want small (and eventually, large) group-oriented ideas that, over time, will energize, unify and organize many around campaigns that will inspire community movers and shakers as yet unknown to wade into the kingdom advancing battle on a long-term basis. Put your minds to it and, please, and let’s hear from you. God bless you as you apply your thinking caps.


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