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The ACLU 42 and Christians 3

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Luckily, 42 to 3 isn’t the final score as yet in this battle for ascendancy in culture, but it is late in the 4th quarter with U.S. Christians needing to decide if they’re going to get serious about a victory-in-culture game plan or not. The ACLU wouldn’t be this far out front, in fact it would be impotent, if our side had an offense and defense. But, for the past century the modern Church’s strategy for ultimate success in history and culture, if it even has one, has been no match for the take-no-prisoners secularization campaign of the ACLU and their cheering section of no-nonsense collaborators and supporters on the humanist left. For nearly fifty years they’ve employed money, mega-zealous lawyers, fear, disinformation and intimidation, encouraged by Christian indifference, to press home a mountain of coercive court cases resulting in the capture of nearly all of the key public square terrain our once-respected Christian side used to own as a societal given. Not only is that territory gone, it was stolen with almost effortless ease as the Church stood by.

The ACLU cleverly uses a pretend but politically correct concern for civil rights and “social justice” as a mantra of subterfuge for their true agenda which has always been all-out war on, and ultimate elimination of, Christianity from every square inch of the land. Of the increasing voices insisting that today’s “real terrorists” are the “crazed fundamentalists on the religious right,” the ACLU is by far the most effective. And they get away with it thanks largely to a navel-gazing Church focused on the diversions of “a soon rapture rescue,” Caribbean cruises, devotional trips to Israel, and other irrelevancies.

That the ACLU’s sham “love of the Constitution” is only a façade can be seen through abundant nationwide anecdotal evidence as, for example, in a recent prayer challenge against county council members during meetings in Oconee County, South Carolina. There, a state ACLU board member threatened that; “[P]rayers should not be allowed, especially prayers to Jesus. . . . [I]f the council continues to break the law . . . the handcuffs are going to come.” Given the ACLU’s limitless funds and overall power to harass, the council caved in as have thousands of civic and religious organizations before them. Why weren’t hundreds of Christian pastors and local lay people demonstrating the next day against this blatant arrogance and frank hatred of God? Are we too busy following the antics of Britney and Paris? Where are the people of character needed to serve as our elected judges and on juries, and why aren’t they laughing the twisted efforts of the ACLU out of courts everywhere? Where is the Christian lawyer who will finally take a bogus “separation of church and state” case to the Supreme Court, there to obtain the inevitable ruling that the ACLU’s decimation of the First Amendment is finally over?

How many of us “Christians-exasperated” can testify we’ve ever seen a united “Church militant” rising above denominationalism to resist ACLU swagger on the headline battle fields of abortion, pro-homosexual militancy, hate crimes legislation, evolution-only and religious speech censorship in the schools, homeschooling rights, veiled threats over church tax-exempt status, etc.? The Church stands…afraid. Even the few Christian successes we do see come from independent, para-church type groups such as Focus on the Family, HSLDA, the ACLJ and the Alliance Defense Fund rather than from coordinated efforts of a nationally unified Church on the march.

What’s to be done? What about churches and pastors? One program headed in the right direction, sort of, but still falling typically short, is Focus on the Family’s “The Truth Project,” a series of twelve, one-hour DVDs making the rounds of churches nationally. It admirably focuses on Romans 12:2’s transformed lives and the need to adapt the all-important, culture-impacting biblical worldview. Overall, TTP is very well done and in many ways quite inspiring because it stirs us up, leading many to ask “But, what can I do?” as did the filmed audience in DVD #1. The speaker, presumably to encourage personal soul-searching, promises to answer but not until final session #12. But, at that point we only hear; “I don’t know the answer,” his point being, and one not without some merit, that it’s up to us through prayer and personal pondering to supply it for ourselves. But this all too familiar path of imprecision absolutely won’t do. Why not? Because a big part of the solution is already available right now via homeschooling, particularly if intrepid pastors will bravely begin to lead the way from the pulpit. Let’s face it, our first team has run out of gas and only by generating new replacements of homeschooled youth saturated with a biblical worldview and ingrained with the God-directed command to carry out the Cultural Mandate will the score be reversed and culture transformed as is His game plan. All of us, whether we have kids at home or simply know those who do, can be advancing this surefire method of pleasing our “Coach.”

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