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Veteran's Day

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In honor of U.S. veterans, and in honor of all “Christian soldiers” to be, I’d like to share with you an unexpected event from last Saturday at a Veteran’s Day breakfast in a small room at my large church. Though a veteran myself, I hadn’t planned to attend this get-together with 45 older fellows. But, the Holy Spirit had other plans. The message by associate pastor, “Pastor Bowen,” also a veteran, took me completely by surprise because such statements are seldom heard these days at churches, especially now that Rev. D. James Kennedy is gone. My subsequent email to church leaders later that same afternoon complimenting Pastor Bowen, was frankly intended to express regret that “Our-Church” is not much engaged in the culture war. However, the timing of my comment was “politically safe,” courtesy-wise, because we have no senior pastor at the moment. (I earlier made my thoughts known when we did have one, but that’s another story.) Since it’s clear that a temporary, “interim” pastor should have absolutely no authority to make long-range-planning decisions including those I believe need to be taken, my comments below pertained to the kind of man we should be thinking about calling. Today’s article is a near-facsimile of my original letter and I’m hoping some of you will be moved to share it with your own pastor. You can let me be the “heavy” in this case. Names were changed out of courtesy.

November 10, 2007
Dear Elders,
A real man, not any kind of seeker-sensitive sissy, stood up behind an improvised pulpit this morning and presented resounding and timely truths that would have benefited and blessed not just “Our-Church” members, but church-goers every where. I speak of associate pastor, “Pastor Bowen.” Every one of you would have been proud of him. In fact, his proclamations this morning should be re-delivered some Sunday soon so that our entire membership could hear and be stirred up to take appropriate action. No disrespect, but from the outset of his message I nearly pinched myself as I listened to Our-Church leader boldly reporting on the multiple sociological time bombs entrenched in this sadly disintegrating culture of ours that most people would rather not hear discussed in church. It makes them squirm, and often makes them feel guilty.

His message at the Saturday Veterans’ Day breakfast was surely the best sermon I’ve heard from him, and one of the best I’ve ever heard at Our-Church…period. Since veterans were his immediate audience, he naturally made mention of the heroic and positive achievements by the U.S. military over the years. He did not, however, use today’s platform as an entré for making a patriotic, “support the troops” pitch, or of the need to “get real” with terrorism as might have been expected. He reminisced about his own early education in the U.S. heartland where he was taught that the link between good government and Christianity was indissoluble, and that the founders took it as a given that the term “religion” never meant “diversity” or “diversities of spiritual belief,” or any other such politically correct reconfigurations; it referred exclusively to Christianity. He was impressed that such wisdom had been taught and was the norm in the U.S. for more than 200 years up nearly to the beginning of the 20th century. He made an excellent diagnosis detailing how U.S. Christians have been lulled by satanic forces into the cultural indifference so obvious in our country today. The bad news, but news that bears repetition, and which Pastor Bowen provided, is that this sorry state of apathy has come about by under-the-radar schemes of purposeful deceit within the field of youth education.

His boldness was most evident as he opened up, for painful review, the grim time bombs of abortion, perversity, evil in general, the lie of evolution, the “separation of church and state” myth, and the fact that public school students are being victimized by the decision to purge honest history from the national education curriculum, replacing it with indoctrination via historical revisionism and subtle social engineering. I’m taking the liberty to add to the list another sickness, something I personally call “psychological abuse” in the classroom. It comes in the form of disdain for God and Christ either through direct ridicule and purposeful mis-teaching, or, in many cases, simply by declaring any such mention illegal. The real paradox about his speech on this special day was his striking conclusion that it is the feeble army of the “passive pious” (his term) here at home, within the Church – we Christian civilians – whom he would suggest are the non-achievers in an entirely separate war; the war for the hearts, minds and souls of Americans, especially our youth.

His “tip of the iceberg” insights were encouraging. I believe that “Our-Church” leadership across the board, including—for obvious reasons—the pastor search committee, would do well to give an increasing degree of attention to the kind of adult assessment this man of God presented to us today. I say, three cheers for this man. We all applauded at length when he finished, but I’m ashamed that I didn’t initiate a move to give him a standing ovation. The message God prompted him to deliver certainly deserved that and more.

To readers of this column: Thanks in advance for your willingness to abandon the increasing madness forced on your kids every day by public schools, and thanks for providing the home biblical worldview (and academic) boot camp training it’s going to take to provide the troops needed in this struggle for survival of the Church in this similarly mad, but redeemable, world. God bless you. Do it!

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