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Melting Pot or Going to Pot?

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The embarrassing farce that is the U.S. Presidential campaign continues to stagger towards “S-Day” next November. That’s when one of the three big-government-loving socialist candidates will emerge on top. The winner will have won the right to try and addict several million more dumbed-down voters with new doses of “free” government stuff on which vote-buying socialist politicians thrive. The dumbing-down comes courtesy of the leftist media and humanistic public schools; a wicked combination.

So far the campaign has mainly been one of petty name-calling, political correctness by the carload, overall childishness, and careful avoidance of matters of real substance. Not a word about our $9.5 trillion dollar national debt or the brewing catastrophe it portends; silence on a nuclear Iran; no vivid concern with the threat of Islamic Jihad; slogans-only on the energy crisis; nothing about why industrial and other jobs still go to Mexico and China even as U.S. unions continue striking; refusal to admit that national acceptance of all-out homosexual training in the schools can only lead to further reduced births; that prisons have no more room left, and so on. But there’s been plenty of smoke and mirrors about health insurance, the American “hunger problem,” “improving the schools” (ha!), the need for higher taxes, and illegal immigration.

As a break from this madness, let’s look at a little-mentioned aspect of immigration—the declining number of skilled workers arriving or staying in the USA. A recent Wall Street Journal article urged Congress quickly to upgrade its visa program in order to attract more green-card-seeking foreign professionals. I thought: Why do we seem to need so many (substitute?) engineers, doctors, grad students, etc. from overseas? There once was a time when there were plenty of “native” Americans doing the jobs and doing them so well that by 1850 this country, with its incredible American Dream, was the hoped-for destination of thousands who could arrange passage.

But why the sudden need for that much borrowed talent? The catastrophe of the Civil War was the main reason. Through the 1850s, Abraham Lincoln, who never made a secret of his plan to see all slaves returned to Africa, made a pro-war stealth pact with wealthy east coast elites in exchange for the presidency. By 1864 in a land with a total population of 25 million (roughly 10 million of whom were men of working age) 10% (!) were soon dead or maimed for life thanks to Lincoln's war. At the peak of the industrial revolution and literally overnight we faced an industrial, farm, lumbering and mining labor force that had been decimated. Solution? Open the immigration flood gates.

Assimilation for these largely Irish, Italian, Jewish, German, Scandinavian, and Polish folk who came was no hardship. They were glad to be here and the financial rewards were great. But very special to them in its uniqueness was the inspiring atmosphere of personal liberty that was grounded on a spiritual and moral rock that was explicitly Christian. And it had been since 1620 when the ideals of religious freedom and the desire to honor the “God of freedom” brought forth a nation. Twenty-first century skeptics will find conclusive proof of this fact in Benjamin F. Morris’s 1864 book, The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States. Morris said:

Our ancestors were the worthies of the world. We have a noble nation, full of the
evidences of the molding presence of Christian truth and of the power and goodness of Divine wisdom in rearing up a Christian republic for all time. That this was the spirit and aim of the early founders of our institutions, the facts in this volume fully testify.

This was a Christian land with churches everywhere and a biblical worldview the norm. And all levels of governments and their laws reflected that commitment. But between 1780 and 1850, forces were at work to destroy the spiritual pillars that had allowed the early Scotch, English, and German settlers to succeed. The supposed “age of reason,” the intellectual spin-off from the French Revolution and Europe’s rebellious Marxist spirit contributed, as did Unitarianism.

Soon even the public schools were contributing. From their classrooms came a purposeful plan to steal from new immigrants the spirit of obligation to accept our forefathers’ mindset. The melting pot was discarded in favor of the pro-humanist myth that a hodge-podge of diversity, multi-culturalism, and tolerance for any and all views was what the USA was all about. In time, not just new immigrants but the native populace, too, became deceived by this deliberate retreat from Christian values. A key blow was the unavoidable feminization of institutions following the loss of male leadership in every societal sector after 1864. In fact it’s safe to say that all 20th century institutions were shaped mainly by a church-initiated feminist impulse; an impulse still haunting us today with the family being the chief victim.

Everyone, immigrants and home-grown Americans alike, suffered from the needless killing-off in the war of those who would have become the nation’s inspirational fathers and male role models. While it’s true that 20th century technology expanded along with the population, an equivalent number of all-sector male role models and “entrepreneurs” of world class caliber simply “never were.” (Outside of war, name just five 20th century national-impact-level U.S. male heroes in any area—business, church, media, etc. It can’t be done.) Consequently, the lure of cradle-to-grave welfare promises became ever more tempting in the minds of naïve voters. As it did, enthusiasm to attain skill levels in all fields based on an as-unto-the-Lord principle declined. The new American dream was “all about me,” and became one of finding a secure job with good pay and retirement by 50 in order to start leading the good life of golf, boating, and shopping in Florida. Skilled work and the dedicated self-sacrifice it took was no longer seen as being “worth it.” Is it any wonder that skilled, self-denying workers flocked here from overseas to pick up the slack? But the WSJ article warned that these same professionals are now looking for better opportunities in other countries as this “land of loafers” loses its ability to attract.

God alone knows how much more societal dysfunction and class-envy turmoil this once great nation can absorb and still retain any potential to return to God-honoring sanity. But what readers of this column are aware is that hope does exist; the hope that Christian parents at home will make the choice (ASAP) to begin developing the leaders and skilled workers for the future the challenge requires. As I regularly mention, this is where Christian home-discipling comes into the picture. Christian parents in their home “laboratories” have the chance to raise and nurture the new Christian Edisons, Jeffersons, the Jonathan Edwards and the Whitefields of the 21st century. What a chance! Grab it while you can. The 17th century Puritan, Thomas Manton, puts it this way: “The heart is never right until we are brought to fear His commandments more than any inconvenience.”

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