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Perhaps you, like me, have noticed something about many national-scope, weekend church conferences; those entitled “taking back America for Christ” or the like. They typically never result in any useful, hands-on action plans for long-range application in the home towns of the attendees. After a few days even the inspiring speeches are often forgotten. The result is that no solid, culture-addressing projects ever find their way out into the community. This lack of constructive solutions for frustrated, would-be activists that would encourage them to deal personally with the cultural chaos around them needs to be solved, and American Vision wants to help. That’s why last week’s column asked for suggestions to pass on to those kingdom-advancers eager to launch programs on their own or to see installed at their churches. The next day an excellent response arrived, so here’s the first in-depth example of what I hope will soon become a flood. 

Dear Dr. Jones,
I’m extremely irritated at the way Christian leaders cower in face of the homosexual movement. Clearly, it’s one of the most pernicious and deadly poisons facing this nation. Rather than educating church-goers about God’s view of homosexuality, many Christians and pastors (just as do the homosexual activists themselves) have a field day putting church members on ridiculous guilt trips about their supposed “homophobia.”

I’ve had a couple of relatives who died of AIDS, and the very idea that we’re being told a majority of Americans embrace homosexual behavior disgusts me. In fact, Christian leaders in general, except for a few like Dr. James Dobson, are not telling us about how to stand firm against homosexuality. Consequently, most Americans are afraid to speak out against what they know inherently is sick, un-Godly behavior. What they don’t need to hear is any more “Love the sinner and hate the sin” mantras, which is the grandest of all cop-outs. Committed homosexuals believe that they are their behavior, thus, in their view, if you hate their behavior, you hate them. Nor have these activists hesitated to find ways to brainwash school children from K to 12 and on through college. This is done to soften them up so that once they begin engaging in this behavior they won’t experience guilt or misgivings. Because they are not born, homosexuals must make converts to their cause, so it’s no surprise they push school-aged kids to self-identify this way at ages when they’re very uncertain about their sexuality.

Underreported at best and unreported at worse is the fact that many homosexuals are depressed with their disordered lifestyle and desperately want help. But, they either can’t get that help or have difficulty finding it because activists condemn them plus harassing the doctors who risk their professions by providing such help. Doctors who treat homosexuality as the disordered compulsion it is run grave risks which is a pathetic indictment of Christianity in this country. Such victims should have the backing and support of every so-called Christian church in the nation.
So, here is my proposal: Why don’t local churches come together and make a recovery program for homosexuals an integral part of their regular ministries? These programs would be on the order of those provided for divorce recovery and for compulsive addictions, such as alcoholism, drugs and pornography. They would be professionally organized, discrete, and would provide the psychological and spiritual assistance needed by someone trying to leave that lifestyle. Assistance from such organizations as NARTH and Exodus International could reasonably be expected. 

If Christian churches organize and actively seek out those desiring change, this will bring down the wrath of the activists on the churches, but so what? It will show that the Church is willing to take them on. The reason the sexual perversion movement is growing in leaps and bounds is because too many Christian leaders, using the handy excuse of political correctness, fear dealing with the challenge. I think an organized effort by the Christian community should be able to take on this satanic assault, which is what it is. If nothing else, such programs will send a message that Christian churches will fight, on a broad scale, for the souls of people caught up in this un-Godly lifestyle.

So ends “suggestion number one.” Is it what some might call a revelation of unbelievably cosmic proportions? Possibly, but what we do know for certain is that it’s practical, Christian and loaded with common sense. The sender succeeded on two important counts: Important and logical background information was provided along with a do-able solution for a two-fold major problem; the homosexual agenda itself and the reluctance of timid churches to act as though it still matters what Christians do in every sector of society on a Monday through Saturday basis. Thanks, sender, for breaking the ice. Because American Vision wants to advance its Mandate 28 plan of “leadership through service and service through leadership,” we hope to see more of these kinds of penetrating suggestions from more of you.

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