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Mandate 28: Strategizing for the Future

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Let me share with you my take on American Vision’s exclusive Mandate 28 program. M28 is an exciting, innovative new strategy that will assist the Church in America in reversing the trends that have caused U.S. culture to suffer an obvious spiritual and moral meltdown. This societal implosion was always preventable yet the Church let its earlier chances slip away. However, even though the hour is late, the problem is still reparable. AV’s goal is to provide the Church – the key reparative agency – with seriously needed help so that the primary task of advancing the Kingdom can finally come to fruition.

Introductory facts about M28 were shared, live, last week at an Atlanta fund-raising dinner where Gary DeMar and Gary North both enjoyed the rapt attention of a small but very receptive audience. If you weren’t there, this review – hopefully and most of all – will create in you the fervent desire to support M28 with on-your-knees prayer. James 5:16 promises that such prayers will “avail much,” and AV’s staff and board will be with you in this essential prerequisite. When His people humble themselves and pray He does hear from heaven and He does heal lands. Even though it takes a kind of counter-culture humility for some to go to their knees, why not consider it? It can be an inspiring event.

Though much of AV’s own planning was poured into developing M28, we happily give notable credit to the insights supplied by Focus on the Family’s video series, The Truth Project. We liked the way TTP explained how and why western Christendom over the last 300 years lost its spiritual way so drastically. Francis Schaeffer, too, gets our thanks for opening the eyes of many to the long-neglected need for facing up to humanism’s war on culture. But, it’s also clear that if we want all of these informational insights to ever be put to practical use, a crucial step still remains. Namely, to package and arrange the totality of knowledge so that the target – the Church – will readily grasp the concepts and then apply them daily and personally through the membership in a way conducive to cultural repair and consistent with AV’s well-known spirit of optimism.

Illustrated, above, in the four-column Grecian figure, you’ll see seven key concepts. They grow out of principles resident within the Cultural Mandate of Genesis 1:28 and the Great Commission of Matthew 28:20. (Thus, M-28.) Both passages possess the undeniable implication that His people, once they gird up to act as obedient vice-regents and servants, will produce victory in culture once they’re lead and encouraged to do so. This victorious end point will be achieved thanks to Christ’s ever-present help prior to His final return at which time His “holy endeavor” on planet earth is concluded.

M28’s conceptual and application details will be offered as a multi-part video series aimed mainly at individual churches for use on Wednesday nights and Sunday Schools. With the Bible as the base, M28 students will begin developing a servant-oriented, culture-changing biblical worldview. This application-based mindset was pretty much abandoned for almost the entirety of the 20th century; a negative attitude that’s still far too common in the despair-driven era in which the Church is still immersed. Most of that despair was entirely needless…stemming from an “end times madness” that drained much of the life out of what should have been and can again become an action-oriented Church. As AV serves thousands via M28, these “newly enlightened students” will, in turn, become salt and light bringing servants who’ll be inspired and equipped to create better families, better churches and better communities. And a better Church. And all of it from a bottom-up, voluntary basis, not by top-down pressure and political edicts.

It’s of huge importance for you to understand that youth, particularly homeschooled youth, will be a major focus of what M28 must impart. As you know, most youth in most countries become “patriotic” quite easily thanks to public school training. It’s a concept they grow up with during a period of life when they’re most open. Similarly, as with sensible patriotism, the vital biblical worldview message that calls for idealistic kids to want to wear their Christian convictions on their sleeves, for life, is best learned day after day at home. Christian schools can be OK, but homeschooling by loving parents is the best. That’s why the M28 message will be especially critical for parents of young children and for young parents-to-be. (Please see AV’s article from last Friday.) But M28 is also and obviously valuable for adults of all ages since it’s never too late to become involved in a host of direct and supportive roles.

As all these trained lay activists “take the field” they’ll be making a difference where they live and work…doing so using a friendship-based, kindly, compelling, salt and light, servant-hood approach. Sure, hundreds of pastors will be doing their bit, but more importantly, so will tens of thousands of lay people from all walks of life. In fact one of the most exciting aspects of M28 is that as more and more testimonies of local successes, break-throughs and innovative outreaches are reported to us, the more they’ll be built in to future M28 training materials. From there American Vision will be sharing these with more and more motivated, inspired activists. It only remains to get the program rolling.

American Vision is so convinced of the need for and value of M28 that the materials involved (curriculum, student/teacher study guides, supplemental resources, etc) will be presented for free to the churches. We want nothing, especially money, to stand in the way of M28’s world-changing strategic goals.

Besides your fervent prayer, M28 also offers those kingdom-advancers among you two extra opportunities to help. Many of you will want to be the delivery messengers who make all of your local churches (plural) aware of M28 and who will take responsibility for placing the materials into the hands of church leaders. And to follow up with support and encouragement. Perhaps you’ll also be led to support M28 financially since budget requirements will be significant. Because of the unexpected housing and banking crisis, now is the time to contribute inspirationally to M28 while your dollars still retain value and while the moment for righteous (rather than for self-indulgent) investing is ripe.

As panic-stricken humanists rush off to stock up on their materialistic baubles, let us step calmly and resolutely into this frenzied scene and purchase the dynamite that is M28. It’s an exclusive AV weapon extremely well poised to blow up the evil moral legacy that humanism thinks it has already cemented in place. If everyone reading this gave even just $100, M28 would be winging its way to tens of thousands of churches and hundreds of thousands of activists in a matter of months. Please consider a $100 minimum donation. This is a fine opportunity for you to make what could be the biggest difference you’ll ever have towards real Kingdom advancement. Don’t miss the chance. And, multiple thanks to you on behalf of God, the Kingdom and grandchildren yet unborn.

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