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The newness of blogging means it’s still a novelty. Newcomers like it for many reasons and that’s fine. But, it’s also worth questioning what the long-range potential of blogs will be when it comes to advancing the Christian culture transformation strategy that motivates American Vision. In lives already over-clogged with internet info, digesting boatloads of blogs (and comments) can be daunting, so part of my purpose here is a plea to readers to ponder before commenting—please! I also hope that in upcoming months, those of us who express our opinions via cyber won’t be restricted should a big-government, criticism-averse socialist happen to win the election. And, yes, I refer to our national “Hobb’s choice” in November. How did we ever get into this mess? [I think most of us know.]

Today’s point is the dilemma of too much “clogging by blogging.” At a moment in history when an unprecedented spiritual crisis plagues both the Church and nation, do we have endless time for blog inanities? Diversions that can easily clog up the limited productive hours in a day? Not if they end up stifling the culture-repair productivity potential of online friends who follow the varied blog meanderings, or many of the often-talented blog writers themselves, or even of a busy AV staff. Problematic blogs interfere with the potential to examine real problems, find effective solutions, implement them, and, hopefully, to enjoy success; an outcome that is by no means necessarily guaranteed.

To hammer home what the productive remnant among you is up against, here’s what Obama and others in both parties believe: “We are no longer a Christian nation. We are a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation and a nation of nonbelievers.” Sadly, he’s right whether he thinks this is a good or bad thing. He also said he would not belong to a church “averse” to gays and lesbians. We Bible believers are bigots against the gays, not principled Christians opposed to sin. And this from a possible president! Take notice.

Here’s a timely prediction by R. J. Rushdoony (in 1983!) describing what a remnant of serious-minded, problem-solving Christians (you) face in 2008. “The world is moving toward the greatest economic crisis in history. It is a religious crisis, the product of man’s efforts to play god and to control all things. For humanistic man, freedom is anathema because it runs counter to scientific planning and control. The growing crisis is thus a religious one, and we must see it as God’s judgment on a false and rival order. The crisis must be seen as good news, as evidence that God is at war—that the wages of sin in any sphere is always death, and every tower of Babel that man erects has a common destiny: Disaster and confusion. The Lord is at work; let the people rejoice.”

Many of you who know Rushdoony also know he used Scripture to show that only a rolled-up-sleeves Christian remnant with eyes always squarely on the target can turn around a cultural crisis of 2008’s magnitude. The goal is to turn chaos into victory which is exactly why AV operates as it does across the full range of ministry. That’s also what our daily articles want to encourage whether through inspired feedback from “veteran” responders or even by “rookies.” Our focus in this sinking culture is not just on pesky (but solvable) problems such as divorce, the economy, government, voting, ethics, etc., but on THE problem of problems; namely, a moribund Church populated by un-informed, poorly lead, often self-centered, humanistically-deceived congregants waiting for a “rapture” or whatever other materialistic escape device might seem tempting.

AV’s game plan is focused on serving churches, families, dispensational “end-timers,” parents and children so they’ll become transformational game changers in a crumbling culture. And, we don’t intend to be sidetracked. So, there’s no reason to post a contrary comment against our “apples” strategy. Or to wander off into the land of oranges and non-related tangents especially when doing so might derail someone who is starting to lean our way but who gets deflected off message. Where does that get us? That kind of comment makes me think of a craftily positioned Tar Baby who only confuses and frustrates.

Conversely, a worthy blog contribution would share how a supporter had utilized an AV tactic and then run with, or even improved it so that it was finally applied at church or even within an entire town. That gets us someplace. Why complain or bypass AV’s “school solution?” Our strategy won’t change. Quibbling over AV’s transformational strategy, unless it’s put forward to enhance what we’ve already developed, is like a lover of manual typewriters using persistent, anguished pleading to try and convert a computer user. It won’t happen. So, when AV opines, we trust that readers, should they choose to comment back, will do so with an attitude of support, not acrimony nor with some irrelevant hobby-horse. If an internet article is not especially useful for me I don’t comment on it.

Nor is the AV site the best place for those worrying about how many angels dance on the head of a pin or who enjoy debating theological fine points while sipping tea and knitting Christmas presents. We’re all in this thing together and must see it through. The other side is rabidly victory-focused. What ought to scare you to death was the blizzard of money spent in 2006 to buy not just one, but four state legislative chambers for the pro-gay side. Two major donors had money and they put it where it counted. So, where are the wealthy Christian businessmen who counterbalance this zeal? Where are the men who, as youths in worldly-wise but nonetheless solidly Christian homeschooling homes, were inspired to dedicate their future and their fortunes to the cause as did one of “our side’s” few culture-changing exemplars, R. J. Letourneau? The enemy, like professional big leaguers, play for all the marbles and we, as yet, barely even have any farm teams. We all know Barney Frank. Who’s his equally powerful Christian counterpart? Oprah’s? Alec Baldwin’s? George Soros’s? Where is our Christian U.Cal., Berkeley? They don’t exist because some perfectly capable but uninformed parent forgot to inspire some little kid because some perfectly capable but unwilling pastor failed to do the reminding.

Also frustrating, because many AV articles make a good case for the superiority of home education, is the persistent dissent by many comments against the home discipling imperative. Based on what seems to be anecdotal “proof,” the doubters say that home schooling is “not for everybody” because mom has to work, or she “can’t do it,” or dad doesn’t support it, or the children don’t want it, or no one else in town is doing it, or the pastor says we need to be salt and light in the public schools, or that private Christian schools are the best, or that “our public school is different,” and on and on. Measurable proof for our position is overwhelmingly abundant whereas anecdotalism always tends to slip into the realm of the logical fallacy. If commenters would like to be serious, it would be great if they’d send us some stirring anecdotes about how they are doing all they can to encourage home discipling plus supporting all the rest of AV’s endeavors.

American Vision is committed to the (optimistic and biblical) eschatological belief that a remnant of the obedient is out there eager and ready to prevail in history and culture before He returns. This drives our mission-oriented moral obligation to attract whole battalions of them to our activist philosophy. It’s a view that dates to the Reformation, but one that was purposely obstructed during the last 150 years. That’s why preaching what we see as the truth in this “post-Christian” era isn’t easy since old convictions die hard. Sure, we respect our carefree friends who visit and blog away on our site, but we love soldier/parents “recruits” even more. We hate to think that some of them might ever be sidetracked by these other kindly souls who, in innocence, unintentionally sabotage the message for those just a hair away from saying; “I get it! I’m ready.” Since this is not a game we’re playing here, people should “either lead or get out of the way.” “If one is not part of the solution, one is part of the problem.” I feel that a “clogging” alert is a reasonable stand at this very late and critical hour in history, and I approve this message.

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