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In Part 1 of “Politics and American Culture,” I explained that a nation’s culture defines what is normal and acceptable in society as well as how we view what is right and wrong. It showed how moral relativism in politics has undermined the Protestant work ethic in America, eroding such bedrock values as thrift, diligence, self-reliance, self-discipline, responsibility, accountability, deferred gratification, and hard work.  In this installment I show how secular humanists have used the political process to steadily chip away the foundational values of American culture to advance their agenda of moral relativism.

The political codification of moral relativism in America has devastated our culture, a culture that is increasingly characterized by drug use, divorce, fatherless children, teenage suicide, abortion, child abuse, broken families, promiscuity, child pornography, gang violence, homosexuality, crime, sexually-transmitted diseases, road rage, indoctrination instead of education, and a national self-centeredness that borders on narcissism. This bleak picture of American culture is the result of man exalting man above God and practicing the religion of secular humanism.   

Politics is the venue in which the principles of moral relativism and the law of God clash most visibly and in the most practical ways. The First Commandment requires that we know God and acknowledge Him to be the only true God, and our God. We are forbidden to worship or glorify anyone or anything else. We can serve God or we can serve man, and politics is one of the most critical venues in which this crucial choice must be made. Choose to serve man as the left has and the result is a debased culture characterized by such things as divorce, abortion, drug use, pornography, crime, violence, homosexuality, suicide, child abuse, and fatherless families. Choose to serve God, and the result is a culture in which these self-inflicted societal wounds are healed as we love our neighbor as our self.

The transmission of a society’s culture from generation to generation depends in large measure on its institutions. These institutions include the family, church, education, government, media, workplace, entertainment industry, and military. Control these institutions and you can control the culture. Secular humanists understand this. Consequently, while Christians debate whether they should even engage in politics, secular humanists are busy using politics to take control of America’s institutions. Public education has already succumbed to secular humanism, the federal government is controlled by liberals, the media has become nothing more than a public relations firm for the left, and the entertainment industry has made moral depravity its norm. Secular humanists are now hard at work undermining the remaining bastions of American culture; the family, church, and military.

Historians believe that the cultural decline of great nations is predictable and inevitable. Unfortunately, experience tends to bear them out. One need only study the once great civilizations of Greece and Roman to understand how the decline occurs. However, although predictable, the decline of great nations does not have to be inevitable. Left to man, great nations will decline. But if they turn to God, the pattern can be reversed.

The reader should take the words in this article not as gloom and doom, but as a call to action. America has an opportunity to be the first great nation in history to break the pattern of inevitable decline. All that is necessary is for our nation to get down on its knees, repent, ask for God’s help, and follow where he leads. There can be a great reversal in America, but only if Christians are willing to take the lead. The great reversal can begin today, and it can begin with you.

Article posted July 8, 2009