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Legalized Theft is Still Theft

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Dear Congressman,

I am deeply disappointed in your vote to pass the “Economic Stimulus Package.” The bill is more like Pandora’s box than a package. It is an ill-conceived conglomeration of bad ideas.

The bill is the result of a faulty view of the world and of life, of reality, and of history. It is an obvious attempt to pay off various segments of the Democrat Party’s constituencies—rich (Hollywood producers) as well as poor—with money taxed from the rest of us. Or with money stolen from all of us by way of future inflation—and consequent devaluation—of the currency. It assumes that anything is O.K. as long as civil government officials do it. It assumes that government-provided money (taken from taxpayers, not created by the government), not private investment and enterprise, is the way out of a recession: contrary to our American experience in getting out of the Great Depression and in recovering from Jimmy Carter’s disastrous economic policies. It assumes that government-controlled, socialistic economic programs work better than private enterprise: contrary to the manifest and long-known record of the failures of socialism and its programs in history. It contains the means of sneaking government-controlled “health care” by the back door. Its socialistic program for health care will result in the rationing of health care—as socialized medicine in Canada and everywhere else it has been established has done. Rationed health care will mean that government bureaucrats will get to decide who receives health care and who does not—who gets to live and who is to die—as is the case in other such systems. 

The bill is highly immoral. It is based on legalized theft. It takes from taxpayers to give to others including the wealthy as well as those of other income levels. Legalized theft is still theft and therefore is still immoral. And the fact that taxation is supposed to fall more heavily on “the rich” is neither just nor “fair” (contrary to the President’s rhetoric). Legalized theft is still theft—no matter whose money is stolen. Its gargantuan expenditures will necessarily be financed by increased taxation; and/or by borrowing, which will increase the debt which must be paid by taxpayers; and/or by inflating the currency—cranking up the printing presses and “progressively” devaluing our money. Its expenditures are so colossal that they will certainly be passed on to our children and grandchildren—legalized theft from them too—impeding or preventing our economic growth and decreasing what remains of their freedom for generations.  

The manner of passing the bill is highly questionable too.  There is no pressing need to have rushed the bill through the Senate (or another version through the House) without taking time for adequate deliberation. Isn’t the Senate supposed to be the more deliberative body of the two? Wasn’t it supposed to give our laws a wiser, longer-range view? Wasn’t it supposed to function on something higher than a political party or factional basis? The more we learn about the contents of the bill the more disgusted with it we become. It is evident that the bill was rushed (to judgment!) so that the American public would not learn how abominable its contents are.

The bill is clearly unconstitutional, for it violates perhaps the most central principle of the Constitution: the protection of everyone’s property rights. (Please reread Federalist No. 10!) The protection of the property of everyone is fundamental to—and inseparable from—justice and liberty. It is fundamental to the design of our Constitution: a design—based on a sound knowledge of world history and governments—which was intended to preserve liberty to future generations of Americans. This abominable bill violates the rights of future Americans as well as those now living.  And it violates their rights and liberty by the power it unconstitutionally transfers to the national government (without going through the Constitution’s process of amending the Constitution). The bill is a clear and present danger to our liberty and to that of our children and children’s children. 

Your judgment in voting for such a monstrosity, for following the “herd” of Democrats (and three foolish Republicans) in voting for it, and for voting without giving the proposed legislation anything approaching adequate consideration is appalling. We hoped for more statesmanlike conduct from you.

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