Such a disappointment! For those of you who have enjoyed the series of Politically Incorrect Guides, the newest release by Regnery, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism, will not be made available through American Vision. This decision was not based on the subject matter but on how the subject was “delivered.” The author, Carrie L. Lukas, writes primarily to young women who have been raised in a secular culture—women who have gone to public schools and furthered their education in institutions of higher learning that ooze the politically correct mantra, which would be most colleges and universities. Lukas writes, “Young women should be challenged with the best arguments, not shielded from debate and force-fed propaganda.” This statement comes from her chapter on abortion and pretty much sums up the entire book. Lukas points out that too often only one side of a debate is presented. For example, information on the abortion issue, whether in a women’s studies course or in the media, is always pro-abortion. The pro-life side is “rarely articulated or when it is, it’s caricatured.” We would agree with Lukas, but her book is not geared toward the typical American Vision reader, and “the best arguments” that the author puts forth are not necessarily biblical ones. Our readers, most of whom have knowledge of the Bible, already have a more politically incorrect view of women/sex/feminism than this book puts forth.

Lukas could easily have made her points without the crassness and vulgarity that is exhibited throughout the book. The third commandment is broken several times in quotations cited. Christians are bombarded on a daily basis by such repugnancy. Points can be made without stooping to the level of our opponents.

Pragmatism is dangerous in politics and in making decisions regarding sex. Lukas describes some pitfalls of casual sex and gives a number of pragmatic reasons why abstinence is a good idea. She then concludes with this comment, “None of this is to suggest that all young women need to embrace abstinence until marriage…” Duh! So why bother writing that abstinence is good? Her statement about abortion: “With abortion, as with all issues, women need more information so that they can make an informed choice consistent with their personal beliefs,” again exhibits pragmatism. I can infer from this statement that if I have all the information about both sides of the issue, and I decide to have an abortion, it’s okay.

The topics covered in this new release cannot honestly be dealt with minus God’s word. The book is not consistent with American Vision’s mission of equipping Christians with a biblical worldview. Politically incorrect does not equal biblically correct.