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Can a 140-year-old book defeat the ACLU?

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Publishing and distributing biblical worldview training materials is our number one priority at American Vision. Why? The following email from Joseph in Pennsylvania says it all. Joseph responded to an email advertisement we sent out to more than a million people to promote our best-selling book of 2007, The Christian Life an Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States. We call this 140-year-old book "the ACLU's worst nightmare" because Gary recently debated an ACLU attorney who was terrified at the thought of it being republished and circulated.

How many thank you's are enough?  

I have been hoping, no, praying, okay hoping AND praying that one day some person, some entity, some organization would come forward and be able to cut the tongue from the ACLU beast and knock them clear out of the arena of debate.  When I received this email about the discussion that went on between Mr. DeMar and a trained intelli-yapper of the ACLU, I shouted YES!  Luckily, I live alone or I would have had to scrape my wife from the ceiling.

...Gary DeMar is a man that deserves the respect and honor of every man woman and child on this planet who believes in Christ for his valiant efforts at fighting back - not against those who aren't, but those who are not and are bent on destroying Christianity at every turn.  Just look at what has been happening to America so far due to the ACLU and other liberal attitudes.  A diminished foundation and respect for Biblical principles and values will slowly take our greatness apart.  She has been blindsided, blasphemed and spit upon by two many "educated liberals" from too many "institutions of liberated learning."  Educated liberals. Hmmm. This is the example that Webster's Dictionary should use when defining the word "oxymoron."...

I am not a wealthy man but I will give up a few meals to donate to the cause, first financially and secondly, to offer my services if Gary DeMar ever comes to the Northeast near Allentown, PA. ...   

I appreciate what Gary is doing so much.  There are truly no words to express my gratitude. All I can say, all I can give you right now is this:  One thank you for every dollar this country is in debt, and that is a lot of zeros  ... I mean "thank you's!"

In Christ,

Joseph from Barto, PA

It was Gary's vision to see this book republished and I believe it will change America. It's going into it's fourth printing as I write this article. Do you own a copy?

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