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Should Christians Vote in this Election?

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"Politics is Dirty." "Religion and Politics don't mix." Have you ever heard people use these pseudo-pious sound bytes before? If so, you need to get Gary DeMar's book, Myth's, Lies, and Half-Truths, to see why these statements and others like them are unbiblical and could lead to the demise of Christianity in America.

When I first joined American Vision a couple of years ago, I applied to have our ministry and web site listed with Gospel Communications. This mammoth web site (ranked in the top 10,000 worldwide) is "dedicated to spreading the Gospel through film, the internet, and other media... bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to millions of people each month." Sounds fantastic and I wanted American Vision to be a part of this noble mission. I naively assumed it would be a mere formality to become a member of this 300+ ministry alliance. Especially because the ministry where I formerly served had a very successful relationship with Gospel Communications. After submitting our application, there was nothing but silence on the other end. Apparently, our application was rejected and nobody could tell us why. After my persistent questioning, I was eventually told that we were denied membership because we were involved in politics.

Can you believe it? Obviously, they completely misunderstood the mission of American Vision. We do not push parties or candidates. We simply call Christians to teach their families God's Word, be salt and light to society, and take their Christian worldview into the civic arena and the voting booth. What could possibly be wrong with that? If Gospel Communications would not let American Vision join for this reason, does this mean that they want Christians to stay home on Election Day? I pray that our brothers and sisters at Gospel Communications will wake up to the fact that they are playing into the hands of the liberals and humanists who want to push Christianity in America under ground.

It's naive to think that one can keep their religion and politics separate. Martin Luther King, Jr. didn't. WIlliam Wilberforce didn't. America's founders didn't either. Every political/legal issue is ultimately tied to a religious belief or ultimate moral standard. Common laws against murder and stealing, for example, are based on a religious worldview. To say that one should keep religion and politics separate is crazy. In his movie, An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore states that global warming is not a scientific issue as much as it is a moral issue. While I don't agree with his presuppositions or conclusions, at least Al Gore recognizes that morality affects political decisions.

One of many issues with moral/religious ramifications that faces Christians today is the issue of stem cell research. Should Christians support stem cell research? The answer is a resounding "yes!" What we should not support, however, is the killing of baby humans (embryonic stem cell research) to help other humans live a better life. It's hard to believe that people like Michael J. Fox can sleep at night knowing that they would be willing to kill pre-born babies for their benefit. Especially when adult stem cells have proven to be more effective and safe anyway. Actually, I believe the left-wing media is hijacking the issue of stem cells to protect a woman's "right" to abortion. Christians need to take the lead on this issue and call the liberals on the carpet for their hidden agenda of death.

I will be doing some traveling to speak for American Vision this week, so I've already voted. I hope you will vote to. But more importantly, we need to realize that we can't wait until an election year to make changes for America. Change begins with transforming hearts with the Gospel and discipling the nations according to Matthew 28. I encourage my friends at Gospel Communications to re-read Matthew 28:18-20. Christ told us to disciple the nations and teach them all things that He has commanded. This is more than just the Gospel--it includes God's Law which is the basis for the governments of the Family, Church, and the State.


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