American Vision is teaming up with Coral Ridge Ministries, Family Research Council, American Family Association, Liberty Counsel, and the Alliance Defense Fund to hold a special seminar called Pastors, Pulpits, and Politics: Christian Rules of Engagement. The goal of this event is to teach Christian leaders what the Bible (and the IRS) say about Christian political involvement. At this time in our nation’s history, Christians need to work together more than ever before.

This special seminar is part of the 2008 Truths That Transform America Conference hosted by Coral Ridge Ministries. Christians from across America will come together for worldview training that will teach them to defend and advance the powerful truth that Christ is Lord of all. American Vision is not holding a national conference in 2008 (the next one will be held in the summer of 2009), so please mark your calendars for April 18-19 and plan to attend this very important event that we are co-sponsoring.

Scheduled speakers include:

Dr. Brad Bright, National Director, Discover God, and author of God Is the Issue

Dr. James White, Director, Alpha and Omega Ministries

Gary DeMar, President, American Vision

Nancy Pearcey, author of Total Truth

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel

Brian Fisher, President and CEO, Coral Ridge Ministries

Jerry Newcombe, Senior Producer, The Coral Ridge Hour

Attendees will gain insight on these topics:

Post-Christian America: How Did We Get Here?

When Worldviews Collide: Christianity and Islam

God Is the Issue: Bringing God into the Cultural Debate

Christianity in a Post-Christian Culture: Where Do We Go From Here?

Dynamic workshops will help you understand and reframe the debate on issues such as: abortion, separation of church and state, the Ten Commandments, global warming, science and the Bible, the Christian basis for the U.S. Constitution, and more.

To register, call 1-800-988-7884 or Click Here. Special discounts apply for pastors, students, children, and groups of ten or more. Invite your friends, colleagues, family, church members, and others and get ready to impact your world with God’s truth.

Three More Reasons to Come!

I. Turn It to Gold Banquet

Enjoy a delightful chef-prepared filet mignon and shrimp dinner. Then sit back, relax and listen to an uplifting powerful message from a leading, nationally-acclaimed guest speaker. (Priced separately from registration).

II. Worship at Coral Ridge

Top off your conference experience by attending Sunday worship at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. You will hear a stirring message and enjoy music from the church choir and its famed organ, with its 6,600 silver pipes.

III. Bask In The Florida Sun

You’ll be just minutes from sparkling beaches and exciting attractions on Florida’s Gold Coast

God created you for a purpose. It is up to you to apply the principles found in God’s Word to your life and the culture. America’s moral slide must cease. Will you answer the call to stand for Christ and defend biblical truth? It all starts here. Join hundreds of others at Truths That Transform America, April 18-19, 2008. Together, we can change history and lead our nation back to Christ.