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The Children of Caesar

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Our president, Gary DeMar, was recently invited to speak at a worldview conference. He was told that he could speak on any worldview subject he chose, with the exception of two: public education and eschatology.

Gary and I became very frustrated at this attempt to muzzle his message. After all, these two subjects are absolutely critical in the war of worldviews. If Christians give their children over to the state for their education and hold to a belief that they are living in the end times and there is nothing we can do to change the future, the war has been lost.

In May of last year, American Vision hosted our second annual Worldview Super Conference. Out of an incredible line-up of speakers, one rose to the top of the list—Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr.. Delivering two powerfully convicting lectures, Voddie was voted the best speaker of the conference by far.

In the first presentation, Whoever Controls the School Controls the World, Dr. Voddie Baucham shared what most parents are too quick to dismiss: whoever is teaching our children is also discipling them. He argued that Christian parents need to take the initiative in their children's education and stop turning them over to the anti-God environment of the government school. Using Scripture, statistics, and sound reasoning, Voddie powerfully made the case that whoever controls the schools does indeed control the world.

In the second presentation, Getting Your House In Order, Dr. Baucham turned his attention to the Christian home and explained what an “orderly” home should look like. Expounding on the Old Testament text of Deuteronomy 6, Voddie highlighted six characteristics of a properly ordered home. Through personal testimony and biblical instruction, Voddie taught and motivated the parents in the audience to rise to the challenge of changing the world—one household at a time.

American Vision is proud to release these two lectures in a powerful set of 2 DVDs—The Children of Caesar. This set features 103 minutes of dynamic teaching, visually emphasizes Scripture, and reveals haunting statistics that every American family needs to hear.

Education is a major battleground for American Vision as we seek to accomplish our mission of restoring America's Biblical foundation. Your purchase of these DVDs will not only equip your family for battle, but it will continue to fund our outreach to all American families.

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