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Christian Bashing: The Last Acceptable Form of Bigotry

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Dr.Gary Cass, Founder of the new Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, states:

"Christian bashing, the last acceptable form of bigotry in America, is alive and well and growing more intense and hysterical by the day. For decades, desperate secularists and cultural elites have stereotyped and marginalized conservative Christians in an effort to stop their growing influence on American culture. And the defamation of Christians by “progressives” is only getting worse."

Gary was the former Executive Director of the Center for Reclaiming America at Coral Ridge Ministries. He was also a featured speaker at our 2007 Worldview Super Conference, where he presented a lecture called, Defamation: The Precursor to Persecution. Since then, he has written and published his ground-breaking new book, Christian Bashing and the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission.

The Mission of the CADC is to advance religious liberty for Christians by protecting them from defamation, discrimination, and bigotry from any and all sources by means of education and selected legal services including litigation, inside the United States and internationally.

America has enjoyed 230 years of freedom and prosperity because it was built on a Biblical system of ethics. Unfortunately, the atheistic curriculum of our government schools has had such a powerful impact over the decades that the tables have been turned against Christians and the Bible. Gary's new book documents the looming danger for Christians and the biblical mandate to defend our faith. It is designed to give Christians courage and equip them to stand up for their religious liberties as protected by the First Amendment.

Gary says, "The time for letting Christian bashing go unchallenged has come to an end!" We agree and encourage every one to read this book — especially pastors. We need our ministers to help parishioners relate their Christian Faith to the culture around them. Evangelical Christianity has been sidetracked by self-help theology for too long. If we wait much longer to return to the business of cultural transformation, it may be too late for us.

Please read Gary's new book (Christian Bashing) and get a copy to everyone you can. Our children's children are counting on us to stop Christian Bashing before it becomes full-blown persecution.

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