American Vision, Tolle Lege Press, and Creation Book Publishers joined forces to create a 600-square foot exhibit at the 2008 International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) in Orlando, Florida last week. The International Christian Retail Show is the annual exhibition for the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA), of which American Vision is a member.

We began our week by worshipping at St. Andrew’s Chapel in Orlando, where he heard Pastor R.C. Sproul deliver a striking sermon on Matthew 16:19. The reverence and majesty with which God is worshipped at St. Andrews stands in sharp contrast to much of what passes as “worship” in the contemporary church today. Every detail from the architecture to the liturgy reflects an appropriately high view of our Heavenly King.  While there’s still an opportunity, I encourage all of you to make your way to R.C. Sproul’s church on the Lord’s Day and experience this taste of heaven for yourselves.

The ICRS officially opened on Monday morning. As you can see from the pictures, our exhibit was quite unique. We suspended a 20’ x 30’ colonial flag from the ceiling and featured thirty 2’ x 3’signs and display copies for our new and upcoming books, such as:

  • Why the End of the World is Not in Your Future by Gary DeMar
  • God Is by Douglas Wilson
  • The Deluded Atheist by Douglas Wilson
  • Revelation Made Easy by Dr. Kenneth Gentry, Jr.
  • By Design by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati
  • Tending Your Garden by Denise Sproul

We kicked off Tuesday morning with a joint book signing featuring Gary DeMar, R.C. Sproul Jr., and R.C. Sproul Sr. Gary was signing and giving away 500 copies of his new book, Memory Mechanics: How to Memorize Anything and the Sprouls were signing and giving away 500 copies of their book, Bound For Glory: A Practical Handbook for Raising a Victorious Family. If you don’t have these books yet, I suggest that you get them and read them this summer.

Of course, the ICRS is more than a place to sell books to bookstores. It is a venue to network and strategize with Christian leaders from all over the nation and the world. You may recall that Gary and I met with Norm Geisler and Tim LaHaye at last year’s ICRS in Atlanta. Despite our divergent theological views, we heartily agreed that America is in desperate need of Christian leadership. This year Gary was interviewed for a program slated to air on the History Channel, Jerry Newcombe of Coral Ridge Ministries, and Bob Pike of

A large Korean publisher met with me to discuss publishing American Vision and Tolle Lege Press books in their language. They were especially open to translating our works on Eschatology and it was remarkable to see their concern over the collateral damage Dispensationalism has caused for our culture. It was encouraging to meet a number of people who stopped by our exhibit and commented on the quality and number of titles that we are providing to the Christian community.

I was impressed to see the breadth of Christian resources available today. But the depth is still lacking. There are some positive trends in Christian publishing, but many were still peddling the same old self-help neo-gnostic junk. This is one of the key reasons why American Vision, Tolle Lege Press, and Creation Book Publishers exist: to bring sophistication and relevance back to Christian publishing. Our resources disciple Christians and help them build a Biblical worldview that leads them to subdue the earth for the Glory of God. This goal is reflected in our new ministry motto, “Exercising Servanthood Dominion.” This new motto as well as our new logo made their debut at this year’s ICRS.