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On May 24th of this year, 12 articulate speakers and hundreds of families will converge on the beautiful 900-acre campus of the Georgia Baptist Conference Center. They will travel from all parts of the nation for an unparalleled conference in evangelical history – American Vision’s first Worldview Super Conference. It’s unquestionably the most comprehensive conference available in Christian circles today. Why? Well, it’s not just another patriotic pep rally. And it will not be another Creation conference. It’s not just another seminar on building a stronger family or a better marriage. It’s not a training conference on evangelistic or church growth techniques. (Not that there’s anything wrong with any of these types of conferences.) No, what makes the Worldview Super Conference unique is that it ties all of these topics together and more into one truly “Super” conference, and mobilizes Christians to advance the Kingdom of Christ.

The term “worldview” has been quite the buzzword in recent times. From conferences to book titles, ministries overuse (and often misuse) the term. The term “worldview” by its very nature implies something that is comprehensive and all encompassing. Yet, a quick survey of organizations using the term “worldview” will demonstrate that they are using the term to describe their niche outreach. Sure, these specialist ministries are desperately needed and are a crucial part of building a truly Biblical worldview. But let’s not mistake a crucial component of a Biblical worldview for being a truly comprehensive Biblical worldview. So why can American Vision properly use the term “worldview?” We believe God has positioned us in such a way that we are able to bring all of these messages together into one message. That’s why the theme of this conference is: “Creation to Revelation… Connecting the Dots.” We are going to start with Genesis and end in Revelation. We’ll tell you what the Bible says about how we got here, what our purpose is, where we are going, and how to get there.

The faculty we feature will connect all of these important messages and demonstrate that the Bible is relevant and essential to all facets of our corporate and individual lives. For example, rather than just give evidence for Biblical Creation and against evolutionism, our faculty will deal with the philosophical implications of the origins debate and why it is so foundational to the Christian faith.  We will define the Biblical family, rather than just give techniques to improve the mess families have gotten themselves into today. We’ll do more than celebrate America’s Christian heritage or discuss who should win the next presidential election. We’ll talk about how to restore this nation and this culture from the ground up. And most importantly, we’ll talk about the future of the Church. Will the Church merely eek out an existence in what modern prophecy “experts” call the “last days” of human history? Will Christ rescue an outnumbered and battered church from the clutches of the anti-Christ? No, the Church will be victorious, and “the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Is. 11:9). Brace yourself for a real dose of hope! You’ll be encouraged to know that all of the work you are doing to build a Biblical family and instill a Biblical worldview in the next generation is not in vain.

Another major reason that this event is so unique among other national conferences is that we will be holding three debates – one each night. The first debate will feature our own Bill Federer vs. Dr. Ed Buckner over whether or not America was founded as a Christian nation. The second debate will feature Dr. Carl Wieland of Answers in Genesis-Australia vs. Dr. Mark Farmer from the University of Georgia on the topic of Creation vs. Evolution. Finally, Gary DeMar will be debating Dr. Tommy Ice regarding the timing of the Great Tribulation and the “last days.”


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