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Things get dangerous when Gary DeMar and I get together for a strategy meeting. Earlier this week, we met once again to discuss how American Vision can better accomplish our mission of "Restoring America's Biblical Foundation." While we understand that the key to restoring America is training the next generation, we face a major challenge. The challenge is convincing Christians to think beyond their own generation. Many Christians believe that we are living at the end of history and/or that Satan is the god of this world. In short, they feel powerless to obey Christ's Great Commission to disciple the nations and teach them the Law of God. American Vision must help Christians overcome these two obstacles before they will capture the vision our forefathers gave us to advance the Kingdom of Christ.

The illustration on the left contrasts the worldview of many Christians today with that of the Bible. The Bible teaches us that all authority has been given to Christ on heaven and on earth (Matt. 28:18). Satan may be a "god" of the anti-God world system, but he operates under the sovereign reign of Christ.

When you consider the defeatist-retreatist attitude of the Church as portrayed in the circle on the left, it's no wonder that America is at a moral crossroads today. How do we change this bad thinking and help Christians move from the circle on the left to the circle on the right?

That's where you come in. Gary and I have decided to issue a wake-up call to Christians in this country and around the world. We have two very special resources that will remove the blinders from Christian eyes:

  • One of our best-selling books, Is Jesus Coming Soon?. This new edition has been updated, enhanced with new images, and printed on high-quality semi-gloss paper.
  • Our new audio CD, The Worldview War which wakes Christians up to the fact that anti-Christian forces are taking advantage of the Church's retreatist attitude to implement their godless agenda.


We believe God will bless our efforts to get these two key resources into the hands of as many people as possible. The church has been paralyzed for far too long. Will you join us on this special outreach effort? We encourage you to purchase one or multiple copies and distribute them to friends, co-workers, neighbors, Sunday school classmates, your pastor, and family members. Together and by God's grace, we can transform America—one person at a time!


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