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Southern Baptists Revive School Exodus Issue

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A resolution has been submitted for the upcoming business meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, which calls on parents to rescue their children from indoctrination in sexual deviancy in California's public schools.

The resolution was submitted by Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr., [order his “Children of Caesar” DVD series] and Bruce Shortt, [order his “Harsh Truth About Public Schools” book] two well-known critics of government-run schools—or as Baucham calls them, “the pagan schools.” (See related article) It points to recent legislation approved in California, known as SB 777, mandating that all students in public schools be taught that homosexuality is normal and should not be condemned. Also, earlier this year, a three-judge panel of the California Court of Appeals determined parents in that state have no legal right to home school.
The resolution proposed by Baucham and Shortt urges parents in California to withdraw their children from public schools, at least until all pro-homosexual legislation is repealed. Baucham says Christian parents in that state must act now.

“What do the California school administrators and California legislators have to do to children before people say enough is enough?” he asks. “Do they have to start eating children before we finally say we'll pull them out of those schools? Because so far they have done some of the most radical, unspeakable things as it relates to the training of these children, and parents still have not woken up. And what's worse, the church seems to be asleep on these issues,” Baucham explains.

The resolution also encourages Southern Baptist churches to support the expansion of Christian schools, home schooling, home-school co-ops, and alternative models of providing Christian education. It also encourages all Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) agencies to inform and educate California parents, pastors, and Christian school employees about SB 777 and related legislation.
Baucham says this battle is tougher than ones fought in the past. “It was easy when it came to Disney several years ago, standing up and being tough, asking people to not go to Disney, where most people weren't going there on a regular basis anyway. [But] this is not as easy,” he acknowledges. “This is not a paper tiger here; this is a real battle, and it is destroying the lives of real children—and it requires a real response right now,” Baucham contends.
Southern Baptists, according to the resolution, should pray for the deliverance of homosexuals from that lifestyle and pray for their salvation.

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