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"Presidents Revealed" app for the iPad & iPhone Now Available!

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The "Presidents Revealed" app is now available on iTunes! Gary DeMar completes his interview with John Adams of the The American History Guild about the app, showing it at work, and even some early glimpses of another app in the works about the President's pets! It's fun learning on American History!

Presidents Revealed is educational, entertaining and enlightening all at once.

The folks at The American History Guild have created the first of what I hope are many educational apps for their Mobile Academy. For young or old, these amazing but true stories are not found in the history books but offer a surprising and little known look into the lives of the occupants of the White House.

The stories can be read or heard in audio in “quick read” or expanded for more detail and are told in mystery narrative so as to not reveal the president, keeping the reader guessing until the end. The original illustrations by Zach Franzen are nothing short of superb.

All of us have likely asked at one time or another, just what kind of person does it take to be President? What are the qualities which are commonly imbued in those to whom we have entrusted our “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?”

Certainly all had unique attainments and personal experiences. One was an executioner. Another saved more lives than any human being in history. And one even saved the lives of two other presidents long after he was dead!

The American History Guild’s Presidents Revealed app does just that — it reveals to us the more intimate aspects of our Chief Executive’s experiences that molded their lives and subsequently our own.

This app should make some history of its own. You can download it from iTunes here.

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