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A fun and interactive way to learn in the Presidents Revealed iPad app from The American History Guild

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Can you recite the name all 44 of the American Presidents? Could your children tell you highlights of what each one did while in office? When the average person is trying to recite the names of the American Presidents, they usually get lost shortly after Jefferson, leaving a big gap in their understanding of history, then they remember Lincoln, followed by another big gap, picking back up on one of the two Roosevelt Presidents. It's pretty sad. It means that the average American is ignorant about more than half of our American Presidents!

I was recently delighted to interview John Adams, founder of the American History Guild (and incidentally a descendant of the American President by the same name), about a new educational iPad app he about to release called "Presidents Revealed." The artwork and graphics are beautifully mesmerizing. What's more, its fun hands-on learning with an iPad. If your children would rather listen to the stories of the app, they can listen to battlefield historian Bill Potter read the tales from history and guess who the stories about at the end.

In the above video interview I show off some of the neatness behind the iPad app. Stay tuned to see this fun device released!

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