Any time liberals want to take a slam at conservative Christians they call on Frank Schaeffer, the son of Francis A. Schaeffer, the Christian apologist who brought Evangelicals out of the pietistic closet and have become a living nightmare for liberals.

Liberals loved religion when liberal religionists voted for them. In 1980, this all changed, and Francis Schaeffer had a lot to do with it. Franky, as he was known then, was the promoter of his father’s theological, social, cultural, and political philosophy. He produced two film series for his father – Whatever Happened to the Human Race? and How Should we Then Live? Franky was on the frontline of opposition to abortion. He even took on the liberal establishment in his book A Time for Anger.

Then he snapped. He’s now an apologist for the other side. What a sad legacy.

His latest rant was directed at the three-day “conference and strategy briefing” sponsored by the conservative Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington, D.C.:

“I think what you have to understand when you look at the religious right in action these days is that they speak in Orwellian doublespeak. They say the opposite of what they mean. They talk about faith and freedom [but] the conference should really be called Politics and Bondage.

“Look, what’s the common denominator of all their faith and freedom politics? It’s to take away the freedom of choice for women, to take away contraceptives from women who work for Roman Catholic institutions, to take away choice for women, to take away gay marriage from gay people, this is not freedom. This is another form, the American form of Sharia law being imposed because of religious fiat.”

Who, like the Taliban, is banning foods? Liberals. Conservatives are not trying to ban contraceptives. They are trying to stop the government using tax payer money to pay for them.

It is true that most conservatives are against the legalization of abortion, and for the same reason that Frank once opposed abortion — abortion kills a preborn child.

Like so many liberals without a good card to play, Schaeffer played the race card. Evangelicals oppose Obama sitting in the White House because he’s black, a political position that “belongs to white people,” Schaeffer said, “I guess, in perpetuity.”

I would love to see any of these black men in the White House: economists Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, Florida representative Allen West, South Carolina representative Tim Scott.

It was conservatives who championed the appointment of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court and liberals who did everything they could to keep him off.

Schaeffer also accuses conservatives of hating “Hispanic and brown people,” like Republicans Governors Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Nikki Haley of South Carolina. They are both of Indian descent and very “brown.” Ken Shepherd of Newsbusters writes:

For all his bluster, Schaeffer — a convert to Eastern Orthodoxy — failed to provide evidence for any of his overly-broad claims, failed to give specific instances of race-baiting. In effect, Schaeffer was given a platform to publicly slander his brothers and sisters in Christ on national TV, all while fellow Christian — an evangelical one in fact — Martin Bashir failed to correct him and indeed encouraged him.

Frank is doing what he criticized liberals of doing in his saner days — not telling the truth.