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Recent Attacks on Liberty Spur Special Tours and Films on Our Nation’s History

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There is a breakout of interest in American Christian history reflected in a large number of films and special events allowing families to experience American history in new fun and informative ways. The most iminent is the new War for Independence History Tour 2012 starting next week in Charleston, South Carolina which will take a bus of families across nine critical battle fields in the War for American Independence and reveal much about the Christian worldview of the men who fought to found our country and the freedoms for which it stood. But this kind of event is not unusual this year.

On a recent afternoon in Chino Hills, California, a film played in a packed movie theater. The audience sat wrapped in attention. Vampire saga? Horrorfest? Sleezy romance? Another attack from Hollywood on traditional Christian values? Not quite. They came to view, of all things, a film telling the tale of our nation’s history.

That’s right: history.

And, the crowd loved it.

“My husband and I both think this movie should be required viewing for all Americans!” raved one attendee. The movie this crowd was watching, along with audiences at packed theaters across the country, was called Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure with host Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains). Not only was the limited national theater release wildly successful, but over 200,000 individuals petitioned their local movie theaters to show the film.

Why this sudden interest in history?

It seems that sometimes it takes a wake up call to push people’s focus where it should have been all along. Many Americans are waking up to the recent rapid erosion of their liberty, and are beginning to look back to the origins of our American liberty that we’ve enjoyed for so long.

Socialized medicine, czars, a $15 trillion deficit are making people sit up and take notice. Governmental overreach, regulations, and interferenceinto the lives of everydayAmericans are bringing about a renewal of interest in the fundamental principles that our nation was founded upon. And that takes us back to early American history.

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It’s almost like we’ve been drifting, imperceptibly, bit by bit, from our moorings. Since it’s happened over such long periods of time – in this case, a hundred years or more – we haven’t really noticed what’s happened. By going back and studying our forefathers and their faith, people are reconnecting with our true American legacy, which is much different from what is shoved down our throats by Madison Avenue, Hollywood, and much of academia.

Are we at a tipping point yet? Maybe not quite yet, but there’s definitely a light on the horizon. Somehow it seems that things have to get worse before they get better. As our modern house of cards begins to crumble on many fronts, people are starting to ask, “Is there a better way?” This is the first step.

The good news is that new venues for learning America’s forgotten history are popping up left and right. One such venue is the War for Independence Tour. While registration for the personal tour is now closed, families can still participate in the online version of this tour, starting Monday, April 30th. It will feature historians Bill Potter and Marshall Foster, and will include over 20 online video sessions, live online Q&A sessions, and more. Bill Potter was a recent speaker at the Titanic Centennial, and Marshall Foster was one of the historians interview in Kirk Cameron's Monumental film.

These kinds of walk-through faith and freedom tours have for me always been fun opportunities to visualize the places where pivotal American historical events occurred, and understand the underlying worldview that often compelled those events. It's also great fun to meet families from all over the country who share in this interest. Reenactors, special music, banquets, and other activities add to the event as well, but interfacing with knowledgable historians willing to reveal many obscured and forgotten facts of history is usually the most valuable aspect to these events. They not only inform, they inspire.

Those interested in enrolling for the online War for Independence Tour in the historic southeast starting next Monday can learn how at For a ticket price of only $49 per family, it's quite a deal.

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