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Kirk Cameron Personally Invites You to Join Us for the 'Monumental' Tour & Cruise

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When we walk in the footsteps of our fathers, we gain context for who we are as a people and hope for the next generation.

In Kirk Cameron's soul-stirring film 'Monumental' the paradigm and intent of our forefathers was explored in detail to reveal that the Christian faith is found in every purpose of the founding of this great land that we call "America."

Now you can experience Monumental as you join Kirk Cameron, Marshall Foster, and Gary DeMar and more as they retrace the steps of the forefathers and visit the historical sites, monuments, and locations of the Pilgrims. Every step of the journey will be filled with in-depth teaching, soul-stirring narratives, and unforgettable experiences.

As we end the Monumental Tour at Boston Harbor, we will then embark on a 7 Day cruise up the fall-tinged coast of North America on our Monumental Equipping Cruise. Our teaching team of Kirk Cameron, Marshall Foster, and Gary DeMar will give you the knowledge you need to combat progressive liberalism as they unwrap history and give you the tools to fully understand America's Christian heritage. You will enjoy spectacular accommodations, incredible meals, and fantastic fellowship with our esteemed group of speakers.

Space is limited so register now!

We look forward to experiencing the foundation of our Country this September!

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