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Family Driven Faith Conference, August 12-13

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Family Driven Faith Conference with Voddie Baucham

Friday, August 12th (7-10PM) and Saturday, August 13th (9AM-12PM)

The problems with the modern family will be presented on Friday and some Biblical solutions on Saturday. This is not just for families with children.  It is for grandparents and singles, too.

The topics are:
The Family in Crisis
Multi-generational Vision
Introduction to Family Worship
How to Disciple Your Children

Grace Fellowship Baptist Church is hosting and will be using the following location:

Commerce Civic Center
110 State Street
Commerce, GA

$10 per person  OR $40 per family maximum

You must register ahead of time, so they can plan for the set-up and the food.
The hosting church is providing a catered lunch on Saturday after the morning sessions.

For more information and to register, visit the website:

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