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Christian Post Publishes News Article on AV's National Prophecy Conference

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The folks at the Christian Post web site have published a news article about American Vision's National Prophecy Conference. I go to Christian Post several times a week. It's a very good site for up-to-date news. Here's how the article by Michelle A. Vu begins:

Mainstream Christian end times theology, subscribed to by many respected evangelical leaders, is wrong, said the president of the group behind the National Prophecy Conference.

At the opening session of the prophecy conference, held in Ridgecrest, N.C. earlier this month, Gary DeMar of American Vision laid out point after point why the popular dispensational premillennialism view is not supported by the Bible. He even called out by name several prominent evangelical leaders, who adhere to this school of thought, that have made wrong predictions.

“When I point this out to people, some people are irate,” said DeMar. “‘I can’t believe that you are critiquing these men of God.’”

To get your copies of the conference talks, click here for MP3 downloads and here for CDs.

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