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New Release: National Prophecy Conference 2011 CD

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I just got back from American Vision’s National Prophecy Conference. If you weren’t there, you missed a great time of teaching, fellowship, and beautiful scenery at the Ridgecrest Conference Center in North Carolina that overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains. The speakers were first class. The amount of material covered was amazing. Even if you couldn't be there last week, you can still avail yourself of the crash course on understanding Bible prophecy. We've released the audio MP3 downloads for instant transfer and a CD containing the files is also available. Both include several outlines and complimentary e-books as well!

The emphasis throughout the conference was, “What does the Bible say?” Repeatedly, the speakers took the audience back to the Bible. Since the majority opinion in eschatology is dominated by dispensationalism, I spent most of my six talks dealing with some of the necessary assumptions of the system and demonstrated by citing their own writers that the popular end-time view is inconsistent with itself and hopelessly out of accord with Scripture. In the debate over eschatology, “Show me the text!” is the challenge that needs to be brought before advocates of dispensational premillennialism and every other prophetic system.

You'll find the material from this conference inspiring and challenging. Click here for downloads. Click here for the CD.

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