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Beyond Judging a Movie by its Poster - Movieology

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How do you know if a film is good for the soul? Can a family friendly film be as harmful for you as a an R rated slasher flick? The answer to these questions is yes. "But why?" You SHOULD ask this question, and learn the answer! What's so important in our entertainment that we should thoughtfully consider their ramifications? Michael Minkoff, guest hosting for Stewart, shows us biblically why Christians should take every thought captive—even is the seemingly innocent family films that our kids watch. Michael makes his insightful point with examples from popular films like 'The Polar Express', the Disney classic 'Cinderella', and ever popular 'Prince of Egypt'. For families, movies might be the best playground for the pleasurable practice of biblical discernment. Find out why and how from Michael in today's Movieology!

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