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Midwest Conference - Morton, IL - April 8-10!

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Don't miss out on American Vision's 2nd regional conference!

April 8-10, 2011 • Morton, IL
Starting at: $69.95 • Register Today!
Seating Limited to first 500!

Join speakers Gary DeMar, Bojidar Marinov, James McDonald, and Kevin Swanson and as they address cultural challenges facing the family and Church from a distinctly Biblical Worldview.
Session Titles:
  • The Family & Dominion (Gary DeMar)
  • Eschatology & The Family (Gary DeMar)
  • How America Can Learn from Europe's Disintegration of the Family (Bojidar Marinov)
  • Defending the Family Against Socialism's Destruction (Bojidar Marinov)
  • Anatomy of a Family: How a Proper Understanding of Family is Essential for a Biblical Worldview (James McDonald)
  • Living Worldview: How a Family Walking the Walk Changes the World (James McDonald)
  • And more!
Rates • Individual - $69 • Couple - $89 • Family - $129

About the Speakers:

Gary DeMar, as president of American Vision, author of more than 27 books, and host of Gary DeMar's Vantage Point web show, has a unique perspective on how Christians can effectively make a long-term impact on the culture. A graduate of Western Michigan University (1973), he earned his M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1979 and received a Ph.D. in Christian Intellectual History in 2007.
Reformed missionary to his native Bulgaria, Bojidar Marinov and his team have translated over 30,000 pages of Christian literature into Bulgarian about the application of the Law of God in every area of man’s life and society. Active in the formation of the Libertarian movement in Bulgaria, Bojidar is a popular speaker on a variety of topics from the affects of socialism to the decline of the family (and what we can do about it!).
James McDonald, as a minister, writer and conference speaker, strives to encourage Christian families to engage the culture for the cause of Christ.

Kevin Swanson, as a father who wants to leave a godly heritage for his own children and with 35 years in the homeschooling movement, Kevin’s passion is to strengthen and encourage the homeschooling movement around the country and the world. Director of a ministry he founded to do just that, Generations with Vision, Kevin hosts a daily radio program, the largest homeschooling and Biblical worldview program that reaches families across the nation and in 80 countries, and is a dynamic speaker.

About the Conference:

The conference sessions will be held on Friday and Saturday, April 8th and 9th at Providence Church, located at 401 S. Carol Ave, Morton, IL.
In addition to the power-packed sessions, there will be books and materials available for purchase as well as unlimited amount of fellowship with like-minded believers.
"American Vision's conferences have been incredibly valuable to me over the years when it comes to keeping me educated about important aspects of my faith, informing about critical issues that affect our modern world, giving me hope for the future victory of Christ, and connecting me with many other like-minded Christians that genuinely feel like family. The [2010] midwest regional conference was close enough geographically that my parents and siblings were also able to attend. They all enjoyed the fellowship as much as I did and were greatly blessed and inspired by the incredible speakers that American Vision presented to us." - Attendee, Jonathan N.


  • Garner’s Pizza – 603 S. Main St, Morton, IL
  • Steak & Fries of Morton - 315 South Main Street, Morton, (309) 266-6266
  • Pegasus - 151 West Bradley Street, Morton, (309) 263-7700
  • Sidwell’s – 112 West Adams Street, Morton, (309) 266-5591
  • Main Street Deli - 149 South Main Street, Morton, (309) 266-1169
Rates • Individual - $69 • Couple - $89 • Family - $129

Online registration closes 4/5/11; at the door registration may be available if space allows.
Childcare not provided, but a nursery is available for use. There is a park nearby.
Attendees are also encouraged to stay following the conference and worship on Sunday morning.
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