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Petitions Delivered To Congress

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Patriot Update and Vision to America headed to Washington to deliver petitions to Congress

4:15 a.m. – We awoke to the start of a very long day, one we hoped would be as rewarding as it was tiring.  The familiar motions of getting ready for the day took on a whole new life as we reflected on our mission: In just a few short hours, we would be striding down Washington’s marble halls of state with the leaders of our country as messengers of the American people.  Our goal?  Deliver the results of Patriot Update’s and Vision to America’s four citizen action drives into the hands of our leaders as part of the Campaign to Restore America.

First, we had to head deep into enemy territory.  Less than an hour after we landed, we cheerily popped our heads into Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office only to be told that Rep. Pelosi “wasn’t available” to meet with us – big surprise there!

But even if Rep. Pelosi had better things to do than listen to the complaints of the American people during a time of national discontent, we knew the statistics could speak for themselves.  Undaunted, we left a letter elaborating the virtually unanimous results of the 2010 Liberty Census, which catalogued the voices of over 27,000 American citizens.

With one cry, these patriots told Congress that “the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land,” that “In God We Trust should remain on U.S. Currency and in our courtrooms,” that they resent having to press 1 for English, and that this administration had better “leave me and what little money I have left alone.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was "unavailable" to listen to the complaints of her constituency

Before leaving, we also handed Rep. Pelosi’s staffers a stack of 7,633 signatures urging her to keep illegal immigrants from receiving amnesty, and a letter asking her to consider all these vital issues and represent her constituency’s values accurately.

Next, we hustled down to Senator Jeff Sessions’ office.  In anticipation of meeting with Rick Dearborn, the senator’s Chief of Staff, we quickened our step and made every drop of sweat worth it.  Upon our arrival, Mr. Dearborn graciously extended Sen. Sessions’ regrets for not being able to meet with us personally as Senator Sessions was participating in the Judiciary Committee’s hearings on recently nominated Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan.

Mr. Dearborn thanked us for our work, and was encouraged to receive our 27,786 signatures of American citizens who wished to see Elena Kagan’s confirmation stopped.  Given the current temperature of the Judiciary Committee, he told us her confirmation will more than likely go before the entire Senate where only a filibuster could prevent her from assuming her position on our nation’s highest court. While he acknowledged that Kagan’s confirmation will be a hard fight, he assured us that Senator Sessions has no thoughts of backing down or giving in.

He was further encouraged by our second set of signatures – 27,897 American citizens requesting the Senator’s continued diligence in protecting the National Day of Prayer. At Mr. Dearborn’s commendation, we experienced a sense of accomplishment knowing that the best was still to come.

Rep. Michele Bachmann graciously received us and gladly welcomed our petitions

After an early lunch at Union Station, we trekked back down to the battlefield and visited our comrade-in-arms, Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann – a strong woman known for championing truth and defending liberty.  Michele is all she is touted to be and more. Gracious, charming, and down to earth, she greeted us in a classy summer dress with a fleece jacket, and apologized for the extra-cool air conditioning.  In our short meeting, she repeatedly thanked us for sharing with her the results of the 2010 Liberty Census, as well as the 7,633 signatures requesting that amnesty not be granted to illegal aliens, and the 27,897 signatures asking her to defend the National Day of Prayer. At the close of the meeting, she told us she was honored that we came to her with our petitions. It was an encouragement to both of us to know in this day and age when the American people are getting more dissatisfied with the leadership in Washington, that leaders like Ms. Bauchmann and Sen. Sessions’ office so willingly met with us and received our information.

Our goals were accomplished with just a few hours to spare, and we knew exactly what we wanted to do with those precious moments. With aching feet and light hearts, we set our course for the Washington Monument.  The least we could do for one of our greatest founding fathers, and a President who set the course of liberty for this nation, was to honor his legacy for a few hours. Along the way, we got to play tour guide and dutifully pointed wandering visitors in the direction of their various quests, including the U.S. Supreme Court, the Smithsonian, and the White House.

We were disheartened to find that all the tickets had been sold for the day, but moments later, as we sat in awe of the grandeur of this monument, one of the park rangers sensed our disappointment and asked us to join the current tour. On the 70-second ride to the top of the highest point in our nation’s capital, we were reminded of the words engraved at the very top of the monument – words which would have pleased our first President: Laus Deo. Praise God.

We praise Him for this day and for the opportunity to deliver petitions of liberty to our leaders. May we see the results of your speaking out and of our diligence. And may our God be truly praised in this land.

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