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An Environmentalist's Chant: Love Plants, People be Damned

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There's a scene in the 1939 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes that has a contemporary feel to it. Dr. Moriarty is Holmes' mortal enemy. After being released from prison, Moriarity returns to to his home and begins to tend his plants. He finds his rare anthurium magenta withered because of a lack of water. He calls on his butler for an explanation:

Dawes: You wanted to see me, sir?
Professor Moriarty: I'm away for a few weeks, Dawes, and I come back to find my anthurium magenta, my incomparable anthurium magenta, withered, ruined...
Dawes: I can't understand it, sir; I took good care of all the plants.
Professor Moriarty: Did you water them?
Dawes: Every day--just as you told me, sir.
Professor Moriarty: Then how does it happen that I find a spider's web spun across the spout of the watering can?
Dawes: That can happen overnight, sir.
Professor Moriarty: Overnight, huh? Then you didn't water them today?
Dawes: There's been so much to do, sir, preparing for your coming back.
Professor Moriarty: Nothing is as important as the care of my flowers. Through your neglect, this flower has died. You've murdered a flower!
Dawes: Why, I'm sorry, sir.
Professor Moriarty: To think for merely murdering a man I was incarcerated for six whole weeks in a filthy prison cell.
Dawes: A pity, sir!
Professor Moriarty: A travesty on justice!
Dawes: Quite so, sir.
Professor Moriarty: And for this crime, Dawes, you should be flogged, broken on the wheel, drawn and quartered...
Dawes: Yes, sir. Will that be all, sir?
Professor Moriarty: ...and boiled in oil!
Dawes: Thank you, sir.
Professor Moriarty: Go away.
Dawes: Yes, sir.

Moriarity, an environmentalist to the end!

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