“V” was a TV series that aired in 1983. It was about seemingly benevolent Visitors who came to earth to bring hope. People immediately took sides, some embracing the Visitors and others resisting. One elderly man was struck with how the Visitor’s rhetoric sounded so much like what he had heard growing up in during the time of the reise of Adolf Hitler.

The Visitors are not what they seem. While they are beautiful on the outside and speak well, their “skins” hide a sinister secret. The show reminded me of the The Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man” (1962).

ABC is broadcasting a new version of “V” that will air beginning on November 3, 2009. Watch the trailer here and notice how often “hope” is used. Just below the video progress bar you will see the words “spreading hope.” Then there is the prelude to a news interview with one of the “Visitors.” When the interviewer asks the Visitor if she has any questions before they go on air, she says the following: “Just be sure that you don’t ask me anything that will paint us in a negative light.” To this the interview asks increduously: “Excuse me?” Then there is the Visitor’s rhetoric about “embracing change.” Watch the trailer and tell me what you think.

The priest, played by Joel Gretsch, actually seems to be good guy.

I have no idea what the series will actually be like, so don’t hold me to anything more than these preliminary observations.

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