A University of Oregon research team claims “that evolution can never go backwards, because the paths to the genes once present in our ancestors are forever blocked.” Isn’t that convenient. This study is another evolutionary dodge. While we’re told to keep our eye on the ball, they’re slipping another one under the cup. According to evolutionists, the cosmos began as a super hot mass of molten “stuff.” It then exploded in a tiny fraction of a second expanding its way through infinite space. What is the origin of the original stuff? How does sterility (the super heated part) generate life of any kind? The impossibility of spontaneous generation is a major tenet of biology. Was SG a one-time thing? If so, prove it. Then there is the question of the information needed to direct inanimate matter to become organized into what we know today as “life.” What is the origin of the information—ORGANIZED information—not just a mish-mash of 1s and 0s.

These must be accounted for as well. Evolutionists start in the middle. They study an existing life-form and extrapolate backward while operating with unproven materialistic assumptions to a beginning point in time that is impossible to verify empirically. They can’t account for the beginning of life. They can postulate and theorize, but they can’t prove it. Then there is the question of accounting for morality in a matter-only cosmos. I know, Richard Dawkins has attempted to make a case for morality, but it’s a pitiful attempt that is mostly metaphysical. So let’s stop talking about how evolution is happening right before our eyes (it’s not unless change within a species is the new definition) and get back to the beginning. Account for the stuff of the cosmos and the information that makes it life. When evolutionists can do this empirically, then give me call.

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