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In 1982 I wrote my first book: God and Government: A Biblical and Historical Study. It begins with the operating premise that government is not synonymous with politics. Slef-government under God is the basis of social change. When people change, everything they put their mind and hands to will change. Have you noticed in the past few weeks how irrelevant our politicians have become? Democrats and Republicans have been protecting their political turf for centuries. Who exposed ACORN? Two 20-somethings with a camera. Republicans have known about ACORN, but they decided not to do anything about the organization because they didn't want to make waves and lose what little clout they have left.

The old media are finished. They've hitched their wagon to a falling star. They will never recover. Good riddance. Of course, there is a transitional period since most of the old media is watched by older people who view Larry King as a friend. Even Oprah is losing audience share. Young people don't want to watch a show that their parents watch.

No one can hide anymore. Glenn Beck has got the political freaks scared to death. They don't know what to do with him. Every time a politician opens his mouth and says something stupid, it's posted on Youtube and goes viral.

This is no time to gloat about a few victories. We need to look for more ways to get the word out and bring down our unconstitutional government by constitutional means.

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